Heavenhotel Compilation – God Owes Us a Swimming Pool


Double Vinyl compilation from Heavenhotel records, the best label in the world, celebrating 20 years of releases.

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Vinyl (double)

‘God Owes Us a Swimming Pool’ – a compilation of stuff released between 1995 and 2015’, a double album feature (Vinyl comes with free CD)  of Heaven Hotel releases to celebrate 20 years of Heaven Hotel.


  • 1.KISS MY JAZZ – Lovers and Place (1996)03:31
  • 2.THE LOVE SUBSTITUTES – Bangladesh Fashions (2006)04:47
  • 3.MITSOOBISHY JACSON – Mitsoobishy Jacson (1999)03:21
  • 4.LIONELL HORROWITZ & HIS COMBO – Penguin (1998)04:11
  • 5.TIP TOE TOPIC – Electric Ant (2007)02:2404:18
  • 6.FRANCO SAINT DE BAKKER – X-Rated Under The Siege of V (2005)06:00
  • 7.TAPE CUTS TAPE – Heavy (2010)03:48
  • 8.THE RUDY TROUVE SEXTET – Tu Sais? (2004)02:54
  • 9.ANGELS DIE HARD – Blue Mamba (2013)04:01
  • 10.FINSTER HO – Anton & Gerda (2006) (**)02:35
  • 11.DEAD MAN RAY – Woods (2000)04:34
  • 12.ELKO BLIJWEERT & JORIS CALUWAERTS – Happy Recorders (2013)02:17
  • 13.DEWEZE + DEWEZE – J’y Pense et Puis J’Oublie (1999)02:21
  • 14.I LOVE SARAH – Inbev Awoe (2007)03:03
  • 15.CYNTHIA APPLEBY & FRIENDS – Country Weekends (1995) ​(*)03:23
  • 16.AUTISTIK YOUTH – Yellow Flower (1995) ​(*)01:52
  • 17.RUDY TROUVE – Piano Number Five (2015) ​(*)01:17
  • 18.RUDY & THE UNFORGETTABLE WALLYS – Heartbeat (2007) (**)02:41
  • 19.PASMANS – Some Flowers For The Girl (2011)03:37
  • 20.Daan – Loop (1999)02:41
  • 21.OW – Park (2004) 05:12
  • 22.POX – Stay (2007)03:50
  • 23.THE TONE ZONES – Penetration (2015)02:12
  • 24.GORE SLUT – Giraffe (1997)02:06
  • 25.SUE DANIELS – Constant Raving (2001)03:22
  • 26.KISS MY JAZZ – Easy Money (1999)01:46

God Owes Us a Swimming Pool (HH 1501) a compilation of stuff released between 1995 and 2015 ‘release 03/13/2015 Heaven Hotel / Sonic Rendez-Vous (vinyl, CD) We were in bands. We went to bars. We met people who were in bands … so we started new bands. We made a record. With the money we made … We made new records. Basically … That’s what we still do. (Elko & Rudy – Heaven Hotel) In March appears “God Owes Us a Swimming Pool ‘- a compilation of stuff released between 1995 and 2015’, a double compilation album on vinyl (and CD) of the famed Antwerp label Heaven Hotel. In response to these and other (Tape Cuts Tape, The Tone Zone) releases draws Heaven Hotel driven by founders Rudy Trouvé and Elko Blijweert the country to be there for a number of label nights some of their artists set. Between interesting and representative, between obscure, improvise and surprisingly quirky. ___________________________________________________________________________________ The early nineties, is the legendary New York The Factory Around Andy Warhol and The Velvet Undergroundin near Antwerp Coninckpleindé The inspiration for a number of artistic young. Heaven Hotel shoots off to a good start as the kindred there involving a former brothel and create an artistic haven for musicians and visual artists (painter, graphic designer, animation or video) of varying provenance. What is particularly striking is that the philosophy, vision and typical style of Heaven Hotel through many years has remained intact. 1991 or 2015? Makes almost no difference. Musicians playing in bands. Bands go on cafe. At the cafe, they meet people who play in other bands. There are new bands. Those bands to make a record. The proceeds of the album are new plates made. As simple and easy as it can be, and that’s exactly the way Rudy Trouvéen Elko Blijweert (was like 14-year-old (!) All at the Antwerp Cattle market with Kiss My Jazz) Heaven Hotel today still fresh, challenging and relevant . “God Owes Us a Swimming Pool ‘traces the intriguing story of Heaven Hotel between 1995 and 2015. With include Dead Man Ray, Kiss My Jazz, Gore Slut (the only band ever to show up two days apart at Pukkelpop), Franco Saint De Bakker, Rudy Trouvé Septet, The Love Substitutes, Angels Die Hard, Tip Toe Topic and many other bands. Iconic Belpop figures as Daan Stuyven, Mauro Pawlowski, Pascal Dewezeen Stef Kamil Carlens stand on plate in less obvious forms an intriguing procession alongside other musicians and artists. In March Heavenhotel translates a resounding selection (and much more) from their catalog organized chaotic at live venues in Antwerp , Brussels , Ghent , Hasselt and Diksmuide. 1TRACKLISTING GOD Owes US A SWIMMING POOL (CD, vinyl) KISS MY JAZZ – Lovers & Places (1996) ____________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘to Doc’s Place Friday Evening (CD – Heaven Hotel / Knitting Factory) Heyme Staveley, Jacki Billet, Elko Blijweert , Aarich Jespers, Rudy Trouvé, Stef Kamil Carlens, Dave Robertson, Mark Meyers, Dirk De Hooghe Kiss My Jazz can best be described as a punky version of Chet Baker with the atmosphere of The Singing Detective and influences such as Captain Beefheart, James White and Rip Rig & Panic. De Morgen outlines the finger tight collectively as “gadfly of Belgian rock ‘. Debut album ‘to Doc’s Place Friday Evening’ fetches with maximum … bunnies (!) Actually ingratiate in Russian Playboy! The Love Substitutes – Bangladesh Fashions (2006) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘More Songs About Hangovers and Sailors (CD – Heaven Hotel / Lowlands) Craig Ward, Bert Lenaerts, Mauro Pawlowski, Rudy Trouvé Self describe The Love Substitutes their music as’ death folk artwank ‘. Their considerable improvisation gestoelde compositions appear on plates taken in just two days. The only band in the world with three (former) guitarist of dEUS in the ranks. Nowadays with Eric Thielemans on drums. Biggest challenge: getting them simultaneously in the studio or on stage. Mitsoobishy JACSON – Mitsoobishy Jacson (1999) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘Boys Together Outrageously (CD – Heav and Hotel) Peter Houben, Mauro Pawlowski, Pascal Deweze, Guy Van Nueten Herman Houbrechts Again a sort of super group with four front men of the nineties cult bands like Nemo, Evil Superstars, Metal Molly and The Sands at the time in one and the same hobby project. “Boys Together Outrageously ‘sounds very poppy and unruly and the title track is a modest radio hit on alternative radio stations. ‘Take a little bit of weed / fling it in the air. “Lionell Horrowitz & HIS COMBO – Penguin (1998) ________________________________________________________________________________ Taken from’ Au Bain Marie (CD – Heaven Hotel) Sandra Van De Craen, Belmans Dirk, Dirk De Hooghe, Bram Looveren, Rudy Trouvé, Dimitri Daggelinckx, Sigrid Van Rosendaal, Heyme Langbroek 2A Rudy’s most obscure bands founded in 1993. Chamber suburb killed retting. Influenced by Penguin Cafe, Brigitte Fontaine, Marc Ribot, Fred Frith, Sonic Youth and Rimbaud. Quite a few songs from the combo is used in Dave’s Great Idea ‘, a homemade experimental video. Opened in 1998 for the late Elliot Smith in the AB Club. TIP TOE TOPIC – Electric Ant (2007) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from s / t debut album (CD – Heaven Hotel) Elko Blijweert, Saar Reads Lo-fi duo and summer grootstadpop with a twilight of jazz, afrobeat and gritty Saar instruments is the driving force to see the unique Tenace Boat in Antwerp, she also makes videos and plays in Capsule .. On their picture disc ‘No Sleep’ from 2010 no Samantha Fox, however – and with clothes on – Saar and Elko itself. FRANCO SAINT BAKER – Triple X-Rated Under the Siege of V (2005) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from “Live at the Ancienne Belgique (CD – Heaven Hotel) Elko Blijweert, French Isacker Joris Caluwaerts Karel De Backer, Sigrid Van Rosendaal Rudy Trouvé, Thomas Sainderichin Tim Van Der Poel Allicht favorite ballroom orchestra Kurt Overbergh AB, where the group three live albums recorded. Shot from the pen of Elko. Reinterpret impressive jazz standards of eg Coltrane and Coleman, hits from New Order, Queens of the Stone Age, movie sound stacks (including Twin Peaks ), and oh so much more. Latest release has a lot more original compositions and dates back to 2010. TAPE CUT TAPE – Heavy (2010) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘Pagan Recorder (vinyl – Heaven Hotel) Rudy Trouvé, Eric Thielemans, Lynn Cassiers Eclectic trio-opt mainly on improvisation, groove and drones. Adventurous atmosphere creation. Unique blend of dub, krautrock and lo-fi. “To discover” De Morgen called in 2013. You will have the opportunity to Heaven Hotel label nights in March 2015, it is also the new album ‘Lost Footage in stores. THE RUDY TROUVE SEXTET – Tu Sais? (2004) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from “2002 to 2003” (CD – Heaven Hotel) Elko Blijweert, Aarich Jespers, Dimitri Daggelinckx, Rudy Trouvé, Sigrid Van Rosendaal, Geert Van Bever Originally formed around Rudy in 2001 as a quintet and even nowadays quite frequent in octet form. Songs about life and love, fear and boredom stipulate Trouvé’s talent as a songwriter. Themes 3die often recur in his paintings and artwork. Plates with the Sextet and Septet are invariably very well received in the Belgian press, several songs consequently generate a lot of attention on radio. ANGELS DIE HARD – Blue Mamba (2013) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from s / t debut album (vinyl – Heaven Hotel) Thomas Noppe, Alex Van Herk, Rob Eelen instrumental lo-fi trio around Thomas Noppe (Gore Slut, UW). Cinematic sound as if the band name implies. Influences of surf, rock and cold wave of Arab soundscapes to exotica and krautrock. New material to be expected in the course of 2015. Finster HO – Anton & Gerda (2004) (**) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from “Antelope” (CD-R – Heaven Hotel) Joris Caluwaerts, Nico Jacobs Duo that each finds years ago in … The Go Find. George is known Magnus, STUFF, Zita Swoon and Heaven Hotel projects as Franco Saint De Bakker and Rudy Trouvé Septet, Nico especially as a key figure from Star Club West. ‘Antelope’ was recorded in the living room and was distributed only 100 copies on CD-R. Finster Ho made it to the playlist of Duyster on Studio Brussel. DEAD MAN RAY – Woods (2000) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘Trap’ (CD – Heaven Hotel / Virgin) Daan Stuyven, Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert, Wouter Van Belle, Herman Houbrechts The sequel to ‘Berchem’ justified at the time of the status Dead Man Ray as one of the most intriguing and interesting groups in the Benelux. ‘Berchem’ and ‘Staircase’ are abroad as one brought to the man. The group plays at all the major festivals and surprised then by going into the sea with Bobbejaan Schoepen. The last concert of Dead Man Ray dates from 2003 ELKO Blijweert & JORIS CALUWAERTS – Happy Recorders (2013) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘Left Bank Drive’ (Vinyl – Heaven Hotel / Virgin) Elko Blijweert Joris Caluwaerts ‘Left Bank Drive’ is the soundtrack for ‘Monkey Sandwich’ by Wim Vandekeybus. Live assisted by Simon Lenski and French Isacker and performed for Ultima Vez during December Dance 2014 in the Concertgebouw in Bruges . 4DEWEZE + DEWEZE – J’y Pense et puis J’oublie (1999) _______________________________________________________________________________ Cover of Claude François – taken from 7 “vinyl single” J’y Pense et puis J’oublie “(Heaven Hotel) Adrien Deweze Pascal Deweze Clo Clo -aficionado Pascal Deweze places for his version of the American original Bill Anderson with none other than his father behind the microphone. Pascal started his rich career with Metal Molly and then made headlines with Sukilove and Broken Glass Heroes and within Heaven Hotel reputed among others Mitsoobishy Jacson, I H8 Camera, I Love Sarah and countless hours of studio work. I LOVE SARAH – Inbev awoe (2007) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from 7 “vinyl single” Inbev awoe “(Heaven Hotel) Jeroen Stevens, Rutger De Brabander, Rudy Trouvé Pleasant disturbed Mechelschen duo around drummer-percussionist and guitarist Jani Jani Rudy Perdu (in honor Rudy Trouvé). Their masterful concerts are explosive energy discharges reap considerable acclaim in the Benelux . Their boisterous and elusive music brings them next to a cult status among other act for Battles. Oh yeah, Inbev has never officially responded to date. CYNTHIA APPLEBY & FRIENDS – Country Weekends (1995) (*) _______________________________________________________________________________ Unreleased Song (Heaven Hotel) Rudy Trouvé, Craig Ward Rudy and Craig stripped to the essentials on 4-track. Their alter ego Cynthia Appleby & Friends is the best kept secret of Heaven Hotel because never before appeared on plate and never played live. And say that since 1998, two fully finished albums ready. Craig, who dEUS left in 2004, currently runs a laid back guesthouse near Loch Awe in Scotland . A solo album is coming. AUTISM STIK YOUTH – Yellow Flower (1995) (*) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from limited CD-R (Heaven Hotel) Elko Blijweert Tim Van Der Poel Auditory autistic playground at the time of two very young Heaven Hotel-mates. Song Material gained momentum when Elko due to circumstances no guitar could gird. Latest release dates from the end of 2010 with artwork by Dennis Typhoid. Tim Van Der Poel is the man behind the solo project Almanac, which he 365 a few years ago (!) – Every single day – wrote songs. 5RUDY TROUVE – Piano Number Five (2015) (*) _______________________________________________________________________________ Unreleased yet. Rudy Trouvé that Rudy is a versatile artist and artist, should come as no secret: dEUS and Dead Man Ray to Kiss My Jazz and Gore Slut, started with his sextet and septet or actively commissioned Fallows / ZheBilding and … many, many others. See also his figurative painting and imaginative artwork (early dEUS and many Heavenhotel albums Now he broods on a piano sheet RUDY & THE UNFORGETTABLE Wallys -.. Heartbeat (2007) (**) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘We Met on an airport and Went Through Tape (CD-R, Heaven Hotel) Rudy Trouvé, Anneleen Van Den Bossche, Emanuelle Schotsaert Foothills of the play “Why Am I in Scotland ‘by the Leuven music theater Fallows / ZheBilding in limited CD-R edition with . workshop press Anneleen and Emanuelle Rudy & The Unforgettable Wallys has its genesis in Estonia PASMANS.? – Some Flowers For The Girl (2011) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘Dwaallicht’ (CD, Heaven Hotel / 62tv Records) Rudy Trouvé, Youri Van Uffelen, Gunther Naegels, Ephraim Cielen Tim Cielen family Pasmans occurs in 2010, driven by Rudy in public on the occasion of the hopelessly sold-out theater production ‘Dwaallicht’ – Elsschot – by Fallows / ZheBilding. A very interesting and cheerful melancholic musical chapter. Doooo … wop! AFFECTED – Loop (1999) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘Profools’ (CD, Heaven Hotel) Daan Stuyven, Guy Van Nueten, Wouter Van Belle Due to the success of Dead Man Ray and a heraangezwengeld self-belief, Daan’s solo career in 1999 finally launched with ‘Profools’ and the help of the now famous Filter Bank Herman Gillis. ‘Profools’ brings the songs between 1993 and 1998 identified. OW – Park (2004) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘Nowhere’ (CD, Heaven Hotel / Lowlands) Elko Blijweert Chris Wauters, Jan Stoop, Thomas Noppe 6OW makes two plates with equal frequency the accelerator pedal is pressed if there is room for subtlety and refined midtempo ideas. Dark guitar riffs drape gloomy clouds veil over an impoverished town of breath. OW characterizes a soundtrack to a film noir in which especially the subconscious ruthlessly torpedoed. POX – Stay (2007) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘Down On Your House “(CD, Heaven Hotel / Jesus Factory) Craig Ward, Mark Meyers, Rudy Trouvé, Dirk De Hooghe, Koen Van De Camp, Jurgen Leclerq mid noughties founded by other Mark Meyers. This guitar can be heard on the first demos of dEUS early nineties, but mainly came into the picture at Kiss My Jazz. About POX RifRaf writes the following: “it looks like sex with a delayed orgasm and this forty minutes.” THE TONE ZONE – Penetration (2015) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from s / t debut album (vinyl, Heaven Hotel) Elko Blijweert Milan Warmoeskerken The Tone Zone is the instrumental guitar duo Elko Blijweert and Milan Warmoeskerken. Their self-titled debut album in early March at Heaven Hotel. Then confess Blijweert Warmoeskerken and their passion for the better surfinstrumentals and electronics. Think The Pyramids, The Ventures, The Shadows, but Front 242, Kraftwerk and Suicide. Recommended! GORE SLUT – Giraffe (1997) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘These Days Are the Quiet Child’ (CD, Heaven Hotel / Stickman) Rudy Trouvé, Thomas Noppe, Jacki Billet, Dirk Belmans Alternative guitar rock in the tradition of Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo and Motorpsycho. The Norwegians shares Gore Slut even regularly stage. They are three times at Pukkelpop (1997 and 2x – yes – 2001) and be cuddled to death at that time by leading British magazines like NME and VOX. Again jumps dazzlingly beautiful cover art in the eye. SUE DANIELS – Constant (Raving) (2001) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘Paris’ (CD, Heaven Hotel / Virgin) Sue Daniels, Elko Blijweert, Rudy Trouvé, Mauro Pawlowski, Sigrid Van Rosendaal 7Enigmatische techno singer-songwriter who both idolizes Nick Drake as with Aphex Twin and ends up under the wing of Rudy Trouvé. Shuns any form of promotion and attention. Ever did one interview at Studio Brussels to disappear immediately afterwards in the full anonymity. KISS MY JAZZ – Easy Money (1997) _______________________________________________________________________________ Taken from ‘In a Service Station’ (CD, Heaven Hotel) Heyme Staveley, Jacki Billet, Elko Blijweert, Aarich Jespers, Mauro Pawlowski, Rudy Trouvé, Stef Kamil Carlens, Dave Robertson, Matthias Broeckaert Mark Meyers, Dirk De Hooghe fascinating and totally unique is the least you can say about the artistic discourse (both in the studio and live) by Kiss My Jazz. Legendary is include the concert in Vooruit with Marc Ribot (03/05/1996).

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