Official statement from Paul.

“After 6 years, 2 albums and about 60 shows, I have decided to part ways with Grand Blue Heron. The decision was made because of other musical interests I would like to explore and we part ways on the best of terms and as good friends. So from this Facebook page, I would very much like to thank Pedro, Arthur and Olivier for the music and camaraderie in what has so far been one of the most important bands to me personally. Thank you too to all of you who came to the shows, bought the albums and/or supported us in any other way. It was fantastic! How, why and when the band will continue is something you will no doubt be able to read on this page in the future. Stay well, take care and thank you very, very much!

It goes without saying that this is a very sad day for Jezus Factory and we are incredibly proud of the 2 LP’s we put out with the band that I really think in the hands of Sub Pop could have became minor hits instead of critically acclaimed albums… I don’t want to speculate on where Pedro, Arthur and Olivier go from here but time will tell… In the meantime we will be keeping our eyes peeled on Paul’s next project that you will certainly be hearing about that across these pages.

For now it’s time to crank ‘Hatch’ and ‘Come Again’ LOUD

We certainly got some plaudits for those 2 albums that’s for sure….PRAISE FOR HATCH

Favourably compared to Nirvana, The Cramps,Jesus Lizard, Earth, Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy, Motorhead and Neil Young in Monolith Cocktail.…/tickling-our-fancy-027-warzo…/

“Lovers of dense grooves should be excited about cracking this open” Kerrang!

“Driving post punk recalls early Joy Division but with an abrasive Gang Of Four anger attached to it. A stunningly powerful album that will appear in my top 10 of 2015” – Soundblab

Interview with Famous Last Words who also said “The much needed indie revival, in its truest sense of the word, definitely begins here.”

“Without a doubt one of the better Belgian releases of the year” DA Music

“Brooding 60’s tones of The Velvet Underground and the nascent garage rock scene are driven at breakneck speed through seventies guitar territory and skip through the heavier end of 90’s college rock before crashing headlong into Seattle’s grunge-punk melting pot” Dancing About Architecture


“Riffs dripping with raw intensity. Like 70’s Americana meet At The Drive-In.” Vive Le Rock

“Recommended to everyone who has a love for intelligent guitar music with a pair of balls” – Gonzo Circus

“‘makes Grant Hart stand up from the dead for a second.” – Da Music

“The jerkiness of Jesus Lizard and the dark gothic line of The Chameleons.” – Soundblab

“”grunge-y Belgium version of John Lydon backed by The Pixies on the controlled maelstrom title-track, and Metallica on the country-twanging, pendulous skull-banger ‘Head’. They also sail close to The Killing Joke, Sisters Of Mercy (especially on the decadent wastrel Gothic ‘The Cult’)” – Monolith Cocktail

“at times Lamont’s voice resembles Jim Morrison’s rougher edge…like what Killing Joke might come up with at their least subtle” – Pennyblack Music.
“There’s no other band doing the rounds who sound like them”. Famous Last Words

“Mashing together some of the best Post-Punk/Indie bands from the last 40 years including Killing Joke, The Chameleons, Sonic Youth and The Cure into a highly potent brew, Grand Blue Heron have cooked up one of the most exciting records of this year.”
Thee Psychedelicatessen