Elko Blijweert & Joris Caluwaerts – Left Bank Drive



Music made for and inspired by Monkey Sandwich, written and directed by Wim Vandekeybus.

Marks the vocal debut of Elko; a very fine soundtrack album; experience life on the Left Bank!

Vinyl LP, comes with free cd (includes 3 extra tracks)

Tracks :
1 : Village 2 : Boottocht 3 : O Quam Tristis 4 : Kannibal (Part II) 5 : Infants 6 : Vestibulum Tenebris (Part II) 7 : Happy Recorders 8 : Before Hunting 9 : Village Hunt 10 : Left Bank Drive 11 : Fête à Bascule 12 : Ant And Squirrel


Elko Blijweert and Joris Caluwaerts made the original soundtrack for ‘Monkey Sandwich’, a film by Wim Vandekeybus. The movie tells the story of a troubled director who is haunted by his guilty conscience through surreal dreams. These dream sequences were mainly based on urban legends.
Using the moniker LEFT BANK DRIVE, Blijweert and Caluwaerts, release most of the soundtrack as well as some outtakes on this eponymous album on Heaven Hotel (www.heavenhotel.be).
The music ranges from eerie soundscapes to blissful melodies that evoke the surreal dreams of the main character in an introspective yet moody and sometimes elegiac manner.

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