The Tone Zones – Untitled


Elko Blijweert  and Milan Warmoeskerken interpret The Pyramids, The Ventures, The Shadows and – cultband avant la lettre – The Jokers and Front 242. On Vinyl


Vinyl release full of  surfinstrumentals and elektronics. Original interpretations of The Pyramids, The Ventures, The Shadows and – cultband avant la lettre – The Jokers and Front 242.


1. Penetration – 2. Taboo – 3. The Bat -4. Man of mystery – 5. Yes. The message is here -6. Invasion – 7. No Shuffle – 8. Crossfire – 9. Fear – 10. Pet step

The Tone Zones are guitarists Elko Blijweert (o.a. Dead Man Ray and Gruppo Di Pawlowski) and Milan Warmoeskerken (Mittland och Leo).

For without anyway from each other nefarious know guitarists Elko Blijweert and Milan Warmoeskerken already played for a while with the idea to create an instrumental guitar group. Their passion for both the better
surfinstrumentals as electronics perform the two hopelessly in each other’s way, together they head for The Tone
Zones. The self-titled debut from this instrumental guitar duo appear in early March at Heaven Hotel.
In addition to interpret a number of original compositions The Tone Zones work from the sixties and seventies, which would swear Blijweert and Warmoeskerken on the California coast docked instead of the Scheldt . Long
forgotten classics of The Pyramids, The Ventures, The Shadows and – Antwerp cult band avant la lettre – The Jokers
get a nice, exciting and contemporary-styled jacket and the surprise will be complete as well as the
Belgian icons of Front 242 get a mighty salute. According Elko ‘the best band in the world “and he can
know, because he was two years guest musician at this EBM pioneers. Other pioneers of the wide universe
the electrical certainly play their role in the formulation of The Tone Zone, think of Kraftwerk or Suicide.
The Tone Zone that then live up to great things are capable, is not surprising. Elko Blijweert stood
Recently, especially on stage with Eriksson Delcroix and Gruppo Di Pawlowski and may meanwhile also more or less
the composer Wim Vandekeybus call with Ultima Vez. Heaven Hotel-aficionados know him of course Dead
Man Ray, Kiss My Jazz, Franco Saint De Bakker and countless other projects.
Milan Warmoeskerken is the driving force behind the particularly fine Antwerp duo Mittland Oh Leo, debuted in
2014 solo in the form of C. Young and belongs Flying Horseman, Blackie and the Oohoos and Condor Group.

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