Kiss My Jazz – In Coffee We Trust


Individually numbered 10″ Vinyl

SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS!!!! Email if you are really desperate as some remote chance I might be able to get hold of more but very doubtful…

Rare as hen’s teeth, we didn’t even own a copy of this until Rudy found a few lurking in a box, stock is highly limited, when these are gone they are gone forever!

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Second Heavenhotel release, released in 1996 by Heavenhotel/Knitting Factory.
Recorded on 16-track at music plant antwerp by Bernardo Fernandez.
Cover design by Dirk D’Hooghe.

1 : Mona Lisa overdrive
2 : You don’t talk
3 : Bobby soxers
4 : Warp seven

Musicians :
Heyme Langbroek – Jacki Billet – Elko Blijweert – Aarich Jespers – Rudy Trouvé – Stef Kamil Carlens – Dave Robertson – Matthias Broeckaert – Mark Meyers – Dirk D’Hooghe – Piet Jorens – Mauro Pawlowski

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