Birds That Change Colour – On Recording The Sun


Birds’ first album ‘On Recording the Sun’ – – contains an intricate collection of hauntingly beautiful songs, studded with precious psych gems. “On Recording The Sun” captures the sound and essence of classic 70’s recordings. There are guest appearances from Pascal Deweze (Sukilove) and Nathalie Delcroix (Laïs, Country Ladies) whose voice is more enchanting than ever. Birds also cooperated with internationally acclaimed classical musicians, Patrick Denecker and Piet Stryckers. Their marvelous contributions on songs like Woods and O What a Day are of an irresistible beauty!
The entrancing vocals backed up by heartfelt string- and recorder arrangements add to the bucolic enchantment and melancholy of an album which sounds playful and dark at the same time, like riding a merry-go-round just before dawn.

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The psych-folk band Birds That Change Colour was formed by Singer-songwriter-guitarist Koen Kohlbacher. In 2007 he teamed up with drummer Dave Schroyen (Creature With The Atom Brain/Millionaire/Evil Superstars) and producer -bass player Christophe Albertijn. In their hometown of Antwerp “Birds” quickly attracted a cult following with their eclectic mix of melancholy psych folk and frisky sixties pop. Soon they became a regular fixture in the clubs of Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels. Koen’s warm expressive voice got noticed by Aldo Struyf who asked him to become Creature With The Atom Brain’s guest vocalist. This also led to a guest appearance on their album ‘Transylvania’ and a duet with Mark Lanegan.

While listening to Birds you can hear echoes of Syd Barrett, The Incredible String Band, and Midlake interwoven with the melodic harmonies of The Beatles. Although standing on the shoulders of these giants, Birds That Change Colour sound fresh and original. Their songwriting, recordings and performances combine tradition with a healthy dose of experimentation and wit, reminiscent of the young Kevin Ayers. Despite their shared love for the West Coast music, Country folk and even Krautrock, the sound of Birds That Change Colour has a distinctly British feel to it, always putting the song first and a dreamy ambience a close second.

Birds That Change Colour are…

Koen Kohlbacher
vocals, guitars, songs
Christophe Albertijn
bass, guitars
David Schroyen
drums & percussion
Nathalie Delcroix
Jorunn Bauweraerts
Bram Moony
guitars, lap steel, vocals



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