Grand Blue Heron – Come Again


2nd album from Grand Blue Heron released on Jezus Factory on  LP + Download


2nd album from Grand Blue Heron released on Jezus Factory on 19th October on LP + Download

“Riffs dripping with raw intensity. Like 70’s Americana meet At The Drive-In.” Vive Le Rock

“Recommended to everyone who has a love for intelligent guitar music with a pair of balls” – Gonzo Circus

“‘makes Grant Hart stand up from the dead for a second.” – Da Music

“The jerkiness of Jesus Lizard and the dark gothic line of The Chameleons.” – Soundblab

“”grunge-y Belgium version of John Lydon backed by The Pixies on the controlled maelstrom title-track, and Metallica on the country-twanging, pendulous skull-banger ‘Head’. They also sail close to The Killing Joke, Sisters Of Mercy (especially on the decadent wastrel Gothic ‘The Cult’)” – Monolith Cocktail

“at times Lamont’s voice resembles Jim Morrison’s rougher edge…like what Killing Joke might come up with at their least subtle” – Pennyblack Music.

“There’s no other band doing the rounds who sound like them”.  Famous Last Words

“Mashing together some of the best Post-Punk/Indie bands from the last 40 years including Killing Joke, The Chameleons, Sonic Youth and The Cure into a highly potent brew, Grand Blue Heron have cooked up one of the most exciting records of this year.”


Paul Lamont – Vocals, Guitar

Olivier Wychuyse – Vocals, Drums

Arthur Verschaeve – Guitar

Pedro Demeulenaere – Bass



A mix of references such as Wipers, The Jesus Lizard, Ride, The Chameleons, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, The Cramps, The Pixies exclusively brought up on Led Zeppelin albums, Motorpsycho, Barkmarket, Joy Division, …)

(references quoted from ‘Hatch’ reviews)




After releasing records and sharing stages with Butsenzeller and Craig Ward (dEUS) in the confrontational noise rock band A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen, Paul Lamont hooked up with his former Hitch (1995-2010 hard touring DIY Hardcore heroes) bandmate Olivier Wychuyse to form Grand Blue Heron in 2015 as a backing project for songs written by Lamont, this quickly shifted gears to full band status slicing and dicing great portions of alternative guitar music from different eras. Known now for having a very particular, yet recognizable sound of their own, Grand Blue Heron create abrasive yet melodic songs that come to life with bloodied energy when unleashed on stage.

Upon release of their debut album ‘Hatch’, the versatility of the band was confirmed by a wave of positive reviews, of which no two used the same musical references to describe the band. As a result Grand Blue Heron were invited to play alongside  very diverse bands such as Black Mountain, The Glücks, Bo Ningen, Elefant, Steak N°8, White Denim, The Cult of Dom Keller as well as topping a number of bills in Flanders and France.

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Orange or Black LP

Orange LP, Black LP


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