A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen – Debut


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Debut album of band of Craig Ward and Butsenzeller

Think Shellac, Beefheart, Coltrane raw edgy progressive rock


Side A
Farmers With Televisions
Event Horizon
Safety Shot
Wife Did Gather

Side B
Exercise Program
Pigeon Song

A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen (Belgium, Netherlands, Scotland) are Craig Ward (The Love Substitutes, True Bypass, iH8 Camera, ex dEUS), Butsenzeller (DAAU, Kapitein Winokio, Dóttir Slonza) and Paul Lamont (Hitch) and they play noisy cantankerous Shellac, Beefheart, Crimson, Coltrane rock.

“Deftly consolidating all the best elements of math, noise and post-rock into one convenient package.” – Hemulism

“Chaos, noise and madness” – The Rockologist

“Explosive and volatile, it could be heralded as one of the greatest of all time” – Moon and Back

“Irreverent bullshit” – Beardrock

“avant-garde maverick genii” – Green Man

“This skillful trio is blending random amounts of progressive, experimental, math, noise, in a very awkward but surprisingly interesting way” – Noizine


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