The Beat Maras – Bat and The Astral Phoenix


The most rock and roll story of Jezus Factory, these guys broke up after a drunken launch gig…

After the great reviews of their debut release ‘The Huaraz EP’ The Beat Maras unleash their debut album ‘Bat and The Astral Phoenix’; a wild young album that brings to mind Babyshambles and The Doors partying round The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s house, while ‘Vauxhall and I’ era Morrissey looks on.

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full cd – JF015 – 2008-08-18


The Beat Maras are lead by the charismatic Alex Templeton-Ward whose wayward lyrics discussing Eastern Philosophy, fun and rock and roll make for an intoxicating prospect when combined with the raw, off kilter but often subtle arrangements of the band.
The album was recorded and produced by Ian Button; of Death In Vegas. Alex is also the bass to Ian’s drums in fellow London band Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences. Button is the Martin Hannett of his day and has his finger on the pulse of the most exciting, genuine and unspoilt musical movements London has seen.

1. Blue Rock
2. Living in The Time That Kills Us
3. Poseidon and The Tidal Wave
4. My Basic Chemistry
5. Beauty and The Horror
6. Fast Fading
7. Not Made To Last
8. Saturday Nightin’
9. Ode To The Butter Bee
10. Getaway Car
11. Passed Out In A Graveyard

“An almost diamond-like find”. REPEAT

“Sounds like Morrissey and Elvis Costello jamming at Elliott Smith’s wake”. ROOM THIRTEEN

“Ultra f**king cool – expect Artrocker and NME arse kissing in say August.” LOSING TODAY

“A grandiose Libertines. Pete and Carl being the poets they were always perceived to be.“ WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN’

“If they ever made a documentary on the life of Pete Doherty this would surely be the sound track’”. HOUSE OF TRACKS

“Fusing the hypnotic polemic of Jesus & Mary Chain, the who-cares attitude of Doherty & some ramshackle passion kept in a bottle under their piss stained beds, TBM are Trashy, throbbing & on course to reek havoc!” SUBBA CULTCHA

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