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Strumpets; the Belgian Argentinean psychedelic dadist pop group return with the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2010 debut album Hello Strumpets which contained guest appearances from Mauro Pawlowski (dEUS/Evil Superstars etc etc) and Pascal Deweze (Sukilove/Broken Glass Heroes).


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“Taking in Dark Side era Pink Floyd and Spiritualized at their most laconic” – Shindig!

Wanders between psychedelic grooves and warped art school intelligence. Nick Drake Meets Beach Boys – Green Man Music

Shifting from the early Sparklehorse drenched guitar and voice of ‘Hollow Dusty Hall’, back through the potential Abbey Road out-take of ‘Alas Descartes’ God Is In The TV 4 out of 5

The melodies of The Beach Boys, the surrealism of early Pink Floyd (the Syd Barrett days) and the pop-sensitivity of The Beatles can all be found in this gem of an album. The album also reminds the listener of MGMT’s second album and Grandaddy – Belgian Music

Accents in music can be an amazing and powerful thing – The Sound Of Confusion

dream-pop meets prog, shifting from delicate jazz territory into a surreal space-rock climax – RW/FF

Wanders between psychedelic grooves and warped art school intelligence. Nick Drake Meets Beach Boys – Green Man Music

Strumpets worth a fling – The Loughborough Echo

Those who like to categorise are going to have trouble with this one! ALBUM OF THE WEEK – Dan Hegarty RTE

Like a South American, LSD tainted version of Jeff Lynne swaying over a subdued quasi-Aphrodite’s Child backing – The Monolith Cocktail – 

A Mogodon Slumber party – Record Collector

You don’t want it to stop – Sounds XP

Strumpets is a rock band from Antwerp, Belgium formed in November of 2007 lead by the Argentinian Miguel Horacio Sosa; the man behind noise core free jazz band The Parrallels (alongside Mauro Pawlowski, Tim Vanhamel, Jereon Stevens and Sickboy) and also Belgium’s most infamous collective of sonic terrorism iH8 Camera. Strumpets started originally as a solo studio project of Miguel’s and that later evolved into a full band which includes Alexander Van Herk, Rob Eelen (Wilderwolves) and Thomas Noppe (Ow, iH8 Camera, Gore Slut). This second album was recorded in Antwerp but encountered some severe difficulties when Miguel took the record back to his native Argentina and his home studio was burgled. During this burglary the masters were also stolen so the record had to be worked on all over again. Then a power cut during the mastering process meant that all the CD’s had to be remastered and repressed due to jumps in the original pressing. We believe this record may be cursed!

The music styles fluctuate between psychedelic pop, dream pop, baroque pop, art rock, electric cabaret, surf rock and romantic rock. The lyrics contain a large sum of automatic poetry, strongly influenced by the early dada movement and the surrealist. Real experiences and anecdotes mingle with metaphors, leaving a free interpretation to the listener.

“Strumpets are a wonderfully weird group who move effortlessly between different genres without sounding unnatural or too eager to please”. – Leonard’s Lair
“Should appeal to fans of Beach Boys-esque sunshine melodies and Belgian surrealism alike”. – The Dreaded Press

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