Roland Van Campenhout – New Found Sacred Ground


LP or CD Featuring Mauro Pawlowski

This is a very diverse entertaining and beautiful blues rock record which you should be proud to own…


Roland Van Campenhout is a legendary Belgian Rock and Blues musician who began playing skiffle in 1963 with a solo career beginning in 1969 which also led him to be a part of Rory Gallagher’s band in the 70’s and to collaborate with Arno Hintjens in the 90’s.

On this new album Roland collaborates with Mauro Pawlowski who produced the whole album and plays guitar on all of it and provides some vocals. Most importantly Mauro has co-written on most of the songs so you can hear his style in the music. Jeroen Stevens of I Love Sarah and iH8 Camera drums on it. Reena Riot provides some vocals and The Black Box Revelation play on two tracks…

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