Officina Cassini – Nibiru (JF071)


Brand new album of Officina Cassini a new alias for Miguel Sosa’s Cassini Division released on highly limited to 20 copies pale blue cassette.

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Note from the author about Nibiru:

Buenos Aires 22/5/21

2020 was the strangest year so far, in my case I became even more reclusive
than I was. I decide to create a new alias for my electronic project Cassini Division ,
then “Officina Cassini” was born, the first album was “Abu Simbel” Abu Simbel, by Officina Cassini

Abu Simbel, by Officina Cassini22 track album

then came the double album “Cydonia”Cydonia, by Officina Cassini

both albums made only with a computer and a midi controller.
For the third album “Nibiru” I decide to switch to the analogue
corner of my home studio “Elefante Rosa”, I only worked with
3 synths, the Arp Odyssey, the Moog Opus 3 and the Moog Werkstatt,
I used the trustful Alesis SR18 drum machine as a sequencer. The
sound became more organic than the two previous albums, with this equipment the compositions
became more spontaneous. I developed long and non regular patterns using prime numbers, and modular patching to
create a more angular sound and to avoid the loop feeling, a big cliché in electronics.
Beside the music “Officina Cassini” recollects data from history and
archaeology books and tries to reimagine in sound those cultures in an hypothetical future.
In the case of “Nibiru” I took the sumerian Annunaki myth to develop a pseudo scientific
approach, similar to “Bermudas” with the Bermuda triangle released on cassette by Jezus Factory.
For this album I must specially quote the book “El 12vo Planeta” of Zecharia Sitchin in which I could dig much
The artwork was done by the Argentinian artist Lou Baumann developed in his studio
The limited edition on cassette is released by

Miguel Horacio Sosa

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