Millionaire – Sciencing


The long awaited 3rd album from MILLIONAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 x Black LP + CD or CD version with 2 bonus tracks

Over the last 15 years, Tim Vanhamel has been working on several musical projects. After two seminal,
critically acclaimed Millionaire albums and years of intensive touring, he wrote a succesfull solo album
‘Welcome to the Blue House’, before taking on other projects such as Broken Glass Heroes, Eat Lions,
Disko Drunkards, Magnus and The Hickey Underworld. But the time has come for Vanhamel to finally bring
his legendary band Millionaire back together. Sixteen years after their debut album ‘Outside The Simian
Flock’ and twelve years since its successor ‘Paradisiac’, the longawaited third Millionaire album ‘Sciencing’
will be released on 19th May.
For the recordings, Vanhamel and drummer Damien Vanderhasselt (Eat Lions) went to elStudio, a brand
new recording space in the Costa Rican village of Santa Teresa. The studio is run by compatriot Jeff Claeys
(exAdmiral Freebee, Jon Spencer & The Blues Explosion) who assisted Vanhamel as sound engineer.
“Never before has a recording process felt so pleasant and free. It was like playing in a sandbox” said
Vanhamel about his time in Costa Rica.
He stayed in Costa Rica for two months, and returned to Belgium with an allnew Millionaire record under his
belt. The album, produced by Vanhamel himself, was subsequently mixed by Greg Gordon (Oasis,
Wolfmother, Triggerfinger) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, The White Stripes, Beastie Boys)
and Jerboa, who mastered the bonus tracks.
The first single ‘I’m Not Who You Think You Are’ sounds as nasty and edgy as ever, while ‘Wastelands’ is
Millionaire at its funkiest. ‘L’Homme Sans Corps’ shows off Vanhamel’s French and the ballad ‘Silent River’,
a duet with Canadian singer Clara Klein, would not look out of place on the soundtrack of Twin Peaks.
“Now that I’m a bit older, I feel the need more and more to make something that can also be beautiful,” said
39yearold Vanhamel who calls ‘Sciencing’ a surprising and, above all, a mature album. “The groove is
more important than ever, and this album is made in accordance with the lessismore principle. I’ve omitted
more guitar riffs than I’ve added. We don’t feel the need to hit the listener over the head anymore.”
For many years, Vanhamel was the youngest guitarplayer in the edgy, ecclectic Belgian rockscene of the
nineties; he was strongly noticed for his contributions in Evil Superstars and dEUS, before releasing ‘Outside
The Simian Flock’, his first Millionaire album in 2001. Muse and Queens of the Stone Age became dedicated
fans and took the band on the road. Josh Homme, frontman of Queens of the Stone Age, briefly teamed up
with Vanhamel for the Eagles of Death Metal’s debut and also produced the second Millionaire record,
‘Paradisiac’ (2005). After that, Vanhamel made a record under his own name, ‘Welcome to the Blue House’
(2008), and founded, among other things, Broken Glass Heroes and Eat Lions. He joined Magnus and The
Hickey Underworld as a guitarist. 2017 marks the triumphant return of Millionaire. Crack open the
    1. Millionaire I’m Not Who You Think You Are 2. Millionaire – Under A Bamboo Moon 3. Millionaire – Love
    Has Eyes 4. Millionaire Guru’s Feet 5. Millionaire – Silent River 6. Millionaire – Back In You 7. Millionaire –
    Wastelands 8. Millionaire Little Boy Blue 9. Millionaire – Bloodshot 10. Millionaire – L’Homme Sans Corps
    11. Millionaire Busy Man 12. Millionaire – Visa Running
    A1. Millionaire I’m Not Who You Think You Are
    A2 Millionaire Under A Bamboo Moon
    A3 Millionaire Love Has Eyes
    B1 Millionaire Guru’s Feet
    B2 Millionaire Silent River >
    B3 Millionaire Back In You
    C1 Millionaire Wastelands
    C2 Millionaire Little Boy Blue
    D1 Millionaire Bloodshot
    D2 Millionaire L’Homme Sans Corps

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2 x Black LP + CD or CD Version

2 x Black LP + CD, CD Version


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