Creature With The Atom Brain – I Am The Golden Gate Bridge


Creature with The Atom Brain feature members of Millioniare, Evil Superstars and The Mark Lanegan Band.

The album ‘I Am The Golden Gate Bridge’ features vocal appearances from Mark Lanegan and Tim Vanhamel


1. The Psychedelic World Of The Creature With The Atom Brain
2. 16 Inch Revolver
3. Black Out, New Hit
4. Mind Your Own God
5. Is That Lady Sniff?
6. Broken Flowers Grow
7. Not A Sect
8. Blackened Roses, Same Ol’ Doses
9. Park My Car Outside The Records Store
10. Rapeman’s Scalp
11. Crawl Like A Dog
12. I’m Gonna Roll

“This is fantastic” 8 out of 10 NME

“The kind of frazzled, kerosene soaked fuck ‘n’ roll that, in another incarnation, would gatecrash house parties and shit in the sink while no one was looking” Rock Sound

“If you’re partial to the Queens’ brand of crunchy off-centre rock, you’ll find much to enjoy here” Classic Rock

“The accumulation of fuzzy riffs, cosmic synths and fucked bass lines is a rare breed of dirt-under-the-fingernails Belgian rock that has a distinctive and disheveling quality. Pure, menacing filth” 8 out of 10 Terrorizer

“Laid back sleaze rock” Uncut

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