Cassini Division – Alba Longa


Miguel Sosa (Strumpets, iH8 Camera) presents Cassini Division’s long awaited new moog synth album presented in a USB deluxe box with fridge magnet and insert card.


Cassini Division – Quadrivium

Cassini Division “Alba Longa”
Author’s introduction:

 “Alba Longa”  was an ancient city of Latium in central italy, this name gave me a graphical theme and and a great imagery for this epic, again like in 2012 with “Solar System Suite” I was into a large scale of composition. Here comes the practical idea of using a pendrive to include a triple album in a matchbox. I must name for this idea Teun de Lange, a great  friend, clarinet player and software designer whom I worked with  in the project “Really Ready” heinfluenced me to develope this  release with  the Jezus Factory´s crew.
; “315” it is like an ambient classical sonata, layers are mixing creating a sound palette. Submarine drones of analogue synths and digital ones make the tapestry. Melancholic melodies in reverse appear in Alba Longa, thicklayers of Moogs, dreamy digital strings recorded on tape make a more flexible and analogue sound. A musical theme is introduced in “Alba Longa part II” it is the figurative part of this imaginary soundtrack, its “leit motif”.
With “El tatuaje Blanco” we return to the Moog modular, this piece it is a sort of trip to outer space, layers of arpeggios are set in random , different rythms and tempos are mingled here, drones and sub-lows are willing to create this artificial percussive effects.
 “Fluids & Hair” also a submarine track, sharpless sounds and mechanic high frequencies, like crickets surfing in Saturn.
“Gazanialand” it is an imaginary world with no humans and no animal species that live in it, only flora, flowers and seeds that travel through the oceans, the inner life of a plant it is described it here, Photosynthesis sonically.
“Moog Modular” made with the fantastic virtual Moog Modular on the Tascam 464,
it is a dense and thick layered piece into a submarine world,.
“Moogart” an electro acoustic piece for flute, harmonica, wooden box, percussion and voice., here are taken elements and influences from the Noh Theater of Japan.
“Oktane” brings back the leit motif of Alba Longa but more in the Raymond Scott´s soothing sounds for babies vibes, naïvety but with an industrial and eerie feeling as a background.
“Pulsar” the  track  incorporates more digital sounds to the field, wind like generators, waves , filters,  oscilators , ring modulators.
 “Quadrivium” centers its core in the Moog opus 3, lush string sounds and the versatile Sub Traktor  synth,
this piece use a virtual choir generatated  with the Reason  programme, and  it could depict an alien queen coronation.
Some tracks have  more than one part, nevertheless it can  be listened randomly, the music has been recorded first into chrome tapes and then digitalized for the mastering, it is  important for the one that want to enjoy fully this triple album to play it in a decent sound system or  with good headphones in bed.


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