Butsenzeller – The Covid Collabs


Butsenzeller – COVID Collaborations with Gregory Frateur, ZOOL, Kloot Per W……….


Musical escapism in lockdown recorded between March and September 2020. Out October 23 on Cassette + downloads through Gazer Tapes and digital everywhere by Starman/Cluster Park.
Mastering (tracks 1 till 15): Gerry Vergult
except track 6 by Doctor Mix, London UK
Artwork: Bert Lezy www.bertlezy.be

Thanks to all collaborators, Isabel, Melvin, Nena, Gerry, Alain, all of the Belgium Music Addicts, We Transfer and YOU x

Check the Covid Collab Clips on YouTube

Each in their rooms, leaving the door ajar so that the creations of blissful slow-ticking rhythms and subtle synths can spread freely” (Nel Mertens, Luminous Dash, B)

“From ambient soundscapes, downtempo jazzyness to bluesy rock and funky electronics,it’s all here” (Johan Meurisse, Musiczine, B)

“Butsenzeller, drummer in bands as ZOOL., Stovepipe, A Clean Kitchen is a A Happy Kitchen and DAAU makes the most of the lockdown and grows a collab album “as we speak”.” (Marc Alenus, DaMusic B)

Side A

Radio’s en Bandopnemers (Featuring Blaastaal)
Bert Lezy: samples, recordings
Butsenzeller: electronics, synths, recordings, mix
The Darker The Night The Brighter The Stars (Featuring Ashtoreth)
Ashtoreth: guitar, recordings
Butsenzeller: electronics, keys, drums, percussion, recordings, mix
STRAF Subtiel Tropisch Ronduit Afstandelijk Fietsen (Featuring Onsturicheit)
Onsturicheit: modular synths, samples, noises, recordings
Butsenzeller: drums, percussion, synthbass, noises, recordings, mix
Devine (Featuring Bert Bernaerts & Gert Wyninckx)
Bert Bernaerts: trumpet, mix
Gert Wyninckx: bassclarinet, synths, recordings
Butsenzeller: beats, synths, recordings, mix
Focus (Featuring Bram Van Gorp & Lander Slaets)
Bram Van Gorp: keys, guitar, noise, recordings
Lander Slaets: clarinet, recordings
Butsenzeller: drums, synths, recordings, mix
Won’t Give In (Featuring Gregory Frateur & Nigel Grey Dubois)
Gregory Frateur: vocals, composition, lyrics, recordings
Nigel Grey Dubois: composition, synths, electronics, recordings
Butsenzeller: drums, percussion, electronics, backing vocals, recordings, editing, mix

Side B

Zoals Het Avondklokje Thuis Tikt… (Featuring Deadman Orchestra)
Youri Van Uffelen: guitar, synths, noises, recordings, mix
Butsenzeller: drums, percussion, electronics, recordings
Razwa (Featuring Kloot Per W)
Kloot Per W: Taliban world’s worst Unigro guitar, elektronics, synths, recordings, mix
Butsenzeller: drums, percussion, electronics, synths, recordings, mix
Alfank Alteration (Featuring Bassiman)
Luc Bas: bass, tabla’s, recordings
Butsenzeller: drums, synths, electronics, recordings, mix
Ünkraut (Featuring Andy Heurckmans)
Andy Heurckmans: guitar, cellphone
Butsenzeller: drums, percussion, bass, synths, recordings, mix
Butsenzeller: drums, bass, electronics, vocals, recordings, mix
Butszoolsurfer (Featuring Zool.)
Gerry Vergult: guitar, synths, recordings, mix
Butsenzeller: drums, bass, recordings
Kleine Tong (Featuring Hersencellen)
Gert Vanlerberghe: lyrics, voice, cellphone
Gert-Jan Luyckx: guitar
Butsenzeller: beats, synths, percussion, backing vocals, recordings, mix
Seperated (Featuring Steve Ceulemans)
Steve Ceulemans: baritone & acoustic guitar, recordings
Butsenzeller: electronics, synths, drums, percussion, vocals, recordings, mix
Heug & Meug (Featuring The Organic Organisation Of Groovaholics)
Paola Pica: composition, Hammond Organ, recordings
Griet Van Nieuwenborgh: Juno synth, recordings
Butsenzeller: Gretch drums, percussion, recordings, mix
Digital version + 9 bonustracks available with the included downloadcard
Recorded together yet seperated between March and September 2020
Mastering: Gerry Vergult
Except ‘Won’t Give In’ by Doctor Mix, London UK
Artwork: Bert Lezy
After his collab album “Natt” (2008) Butsenzeller had solemnly promised himself to never do such
a thing again. Just go on with playing in bands as a drummer (DAAU, A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy
Kitchen, Stovepipe, The Wild Century, …..) and once in a while a solo escapade with electronics
and drums like on his 2015 album “Seqs & Drums & Rockin’ Synths and his 2018 ep “Half A
Century” (both on Jezus Factory Records) for his 50th birthday.
But his continuous search for new sonic challenges got him more and more infected by the
improvisationvirus in outfits as Wim De Bussertrio, Bearguts, IH8 Camera and his monthly
Gitaneller Nights in Antwerp bar Gitanes, with always changing line-ups and genres.
Then another virus stroke and gigging was suddenly a health risk. Luckily there’s modern day
technology to work on music with others from a safe distance, each in his own studio-lab.
At first with the musicians some gigs were cancelled with, but soon it became a virtual pigeon shed
with birds of many different feathers, some who even presented themselves spontaneously like a.o:
Kloot Per W, Hersencellen, Ashtoreth, Deadman Orchestra, Onsturicheit, Zool., Bert Lezy,….
The tracks got posted on bandcamp as a continuously ongrowing album. Due to a society Covid
Collapse, we felt the urge to to covid co-lab.
24 tracks got recorded between March and September 2020. 15 are now selected for an offical
release, digital everywhere through Starman Records / Cluster Park and on audio cassette through
Gazer Tapes with artwork by Bert Lezy and an included downloadcode that gives acces to the
digital version and the other 9 bonustracks.
13 of the tracks also got a videoclip which are collected in one handy youtube playlist:
We hope to drag some attention and airplay for this honest musical project, don’t hesitate to ask for
a downloadcode for all of the tracks if you desire that.
More about Butsenzeller on his website
thanks already for the attention so far.


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