Hersencellen Spaarplan + Butsenzeller Half A Century EP


Split cassette between Butsenzeller and Hersencellen + 5 “Voteshutupworkconsume” remixes by Drawings In Sound, ZOOL, Staatseinde, Patrick De Labie and Butsenzeller remixing himself


Cutting a short story long; this release was originally intended to be a 7″ to celebrate the 50th birthday of Butsenzeller but a very dishonest pressing plant took our money and basically stole it and left us without a record or our money for that matter… In the frustrating interim one of Butsenzeller’s bands Hersencellen also had some new material cooking (we released their last cassette) so we decided on a split cassette release with a download code that contains bonus remixes. Bert Lezy was kind enough to rework and add to the artwork so the cassette will have reversible artwork…

‘doom jazz’…. ‘Miles Davis meets The Apocalypse, exciting, fresh and Fantastically Odd’ – Dancing About Architecture

“Jazzy experimental electronics, the kind of thing I would like to see live’  Independent Music Podcast

Great review here at Luminous Dash


A 50 year old fart expressing 3 life like emotions in 3 songs on a 45rpm 7 inch record

Not really world news is it? Still we want to bring your attention to an honest release by an honest artist who feels the need to continually express and explore with a multitude of musical projects.

Butsenzeller has been around for quite a while; mostly behind the drumkit in bands as DAAU and Kapitein Winokio and alongside Craig Ward (dEUS, Kiss My Jazz) and Paul Lamont (Hitch, Grand Blue Heron) in A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen. Recent bands include the groovy rockin’ Stovepipe, the jazzy Bearguts Trio and Political Agitator, Electronics of Hersencellen and of course his solo Butsenzeller releases. These days he ventures bigger stages are mostly for the successful David Bowie tribute band Major Tom, where he plays the percussion and some electronics.

Butsenzeller stays under the mainstream radar in these formatted musical times. But we wanted to celebrate his half a century of contribution to musical freedom with this release.


1. Half A Century – A dark drone jazz thingy performed with his Bearguts Trio with besides Butsenzeller on drums, keyboards and vocals also Simon Beeckaert on double bass and Benjamin Hermans on baritone sax.2. Voteshutupworkconsume. An angry elektropunk song, with only a simple imaginary command by simple more or less imaginary leaders: Vote Shut Up Work Consume. It features Gerry Vergult (Aroma Di Amore, ZOOL.) on guitars, bass and mixing and Butsenzeller’s two kids Melvin & Nena on backing vocals. Any other vocal or sample recognised is purely accidental.
3. Isabel. The last track is a love declaration for his spouse ‘Isabel’ and entirely performed by Butsenzeller, even the 3 guitar chords. 


Follow up of the debut album “We Ploeteren Voort”. A little less experimentation and exploration on the possibilities with poetry and prose, but 4 direct songs composed by Butsenzeller on the lyrics of Gert Vanlerberghe. Some of them were already part of their live set for a while.
1. BROOS – dark freaky dubstep about fragility
2. SPAARPLAN – Hersencellen finally dares to go in a hiphop flow in this anthem about cheap drugs and poverty
3. DE COMPUTER – And why not a cover by one of the most known Flemish charm singers; Will Tura. An obscure B side about a difficult computer relationship
4. ALADDINGES – Danceable electro with an Arabic percussion touch and guitar by Gert-Jan Luyckx


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