Amörtisseur – Lemmium (Belgian Motörhead Tribute)


Vinyl gone but CD in stock!!!!!! Belgian Motorhead tribute. Not to be missed!!!


Vinyl gone but CD back in stock!
A hard razorsharp rocking Motörhead tribute band, honouring the great works of Lemmy. Lyrics is Flemish, Antwerp dialect !


The Antwerp (Belgium) based band Amörtisseur” was already founded in 2012 as a tribute to Motörhead and unique rock ’n roll icon Lemmy Kilmister. By no means is Amörtisseur a regular coverband: they make some of the classic songs their very own with lyrics in the local – still rather civilized – Antwerp dialect. The songs are , as they should be, hard, fast raw and pure with lyrics about the important things in life: women, sex, women, booze and the occasional ugly city mayor.


The band was founded by the trio Johan Cootmans, Luc Bas and Bart Deckers, playing rock and roll together for more than 20 years as Dirty Frank aka a Catfood. The trio was joined by star guitar player Luc Van De Poel who serves since many years with Belgian seventies punk icons The Kids. In 2014 Amörtisseur released the EP “Schuppen Aas” and built up a very strong live reputation bringing them also this year to many stages. Check out their Schuppenaas video.


Love for rock and roll, respect for Lemmy and his music, no compromising, hard and fast.. the album “Lemmium” has it all!


Side A


1. Stalen vuist (Iron Fist)
2. Amörtisseur (Motorhead)
3. Slangesex (Love Me Like A Reptile)
4. Schuppen Aas (Ace Of Spades)
5. Mannen van de baan (We Are The Roadcrew)
6. De prooi & de jacht (The Chase Is Better Than The Catch)
7. Daar zen kosten aan (Damage Case)


Side B

1. Burgermeester (Just Because You’ve Got The Power)
2. Pakt Stien (Stay Clean)
3. Geef het op! (Sacrifice)
4. Keidood (Killed By Death)
5. Véél te hard (Overkill)


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