Per W/Pawlowski and Wilderwolves OUT NOW!

TODAY IS THE DAY. Per W/Pawlowski – Outsider/Insider AND Wilderwolves ‘inhale, increase the dose’ are both officially released NOW. You can buy them in our webshop or ask for them at your favourite record shop…

Amazing press in already for Per W/Pawlowski and a great video to Room! here
“A demented version of The Travelling Wilbury’s. Like The Lemonheads trying to record a Cars album” – HUMO

4 Stars – Het Nieuwsblad

3 tracks selected for airplay by The Wire

Extensive interview with Kloot for Zap Bang Magazine

Interview with Mauro for Focus Knack


Release Show for Wilderwolves: 30th March, Derrick, Antwerp

Available to order direct and also distributed via Sonic Rendezvous in the Benelux so PLEASE do ask for it at your favourite record store

talking heads on tv, a burning man, weakness in the knees, broken faces, helping hands, beating hearts, a diamant smile… 

Second album led by Rob Eelen of Angels Die Hard/Strumpets.  Alain Rylant (Maxon Blewitt, Eriksson/Delcroix) produced the album and played drums – Alex Van Herk (Angels Die Hard, Strumpets) played guitar – Thomas Noppe (Gore Slut, Angels Die Hard, Heaven Hotel) played guitar – Aarn Van Severen (the Black Denver) played bass – Bjorn Eriksson (Broken Circle BreakdownEriksson/Delcroix, Zita Swoon) played some pedalsteel here and there – Karl Eriksson (Broken Circle Breakdown) played banjo – Uwe Teichert did the mastering

Head to our bandcamp to hear a few selections from the album