Horse Head Bed – Live Slight Return. Extradition Order interviews, Butsenzeller

It looks like in Belgium at least there is slight return to some kind of live normality. We found out today that The Horse Head Bed – the jazz rock ensemble of Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert and Eric Thielemans  have a live date on 21st August at KAAP in Ostend. From the limited information I have is that tickets are very limited due to COVID 19 and full social distancing measures will be followed in the venue. It may be that the band play 2 or 3 sets to 30 people on the night but do contact the venue for more information as they will know more than me.

I do happen to know we still have the very excellent LP still in stock.

Now Extradition Order have not been ones to thwarted by the current situation and as well as all the lockdown tracks they have done two VERY cool and interesting interviews…. The first one is Alastair with Tower Records!!!!! Whitney Moore; it’s a very engaging and interesting interview. This link takes you to where you can not only watch the interview and some promo videos but also read a feature about the interview!!!!!!!!!

And also Alastair, Rosie and Rad also did an interview for Resonance FM’s Dexter Bentley that has tracks from American Prometheus and the new Covid Tracks The Extradition Order feature bit is on the last 30 minutes but why not listen to the whole thing…

These features really help illustrate what a deep piece of art  American Prometheus really is… It’s on CD and LP in our webshop and bandcamp

Now Butsenzeller is never a man to rest on his laurels either and he has a live music  performance at the art exhibition of the wonderful Bert Lezy on Saturday at Studio 68 Of course social distancing measures are in place but click on the link for more information….