Kloot Per W Group – Je T’ai Toujours Aimeé NEW SINGLE

The Kloot Per W Group have a brand new single – Je T’ai Toujours Aimeé

It’s a reworking of an old Polyphonic Size number that JJ Burnell of The Stranglers original sang. Pascal Deweze produced it. Uwe Teichert mastered it.

It’s OUT NOW on all Digital Platforms Please do add it to your playlists and all that funky stuff that you digital people do… t’s going to be part of a 10″ maxi we are releasing later in the year; but for now a radio hit will do us fine.
The video can also be watched here
Kloot Per W (64) was first active in the Belgian music and art scene in 1969, and recorded first as bassist for The Misters (78) and guitarist for The Employees (81) and was probably one of the first artists to release his solo albums as cassette only releases two in 1980 and 3 in 1981 including the legendary Music For Girls (re-released by Starman Records). Kloot has been active in the acclaimed bands Polyphonic Size (two albums produced by JJ Burnel of The Stranglers.), Sandie Trash (F), Strictly Rockers, Chop Chicks (with DJ Buscemi) and De Lama’s.The XXXX of Kloot Per W a compilation of Kloot’s 7”s was released in 1995 and a cassette anthology Moon in 2000. In 2018 Kloot Per W released an acclaimed album of Velvet Underground covers called ‘Inhale Slowly and Feel’ and DRILL a collection of instrumental abstract music for his art installation that rebuild the Raymond Scott Manhattan Research Inc studio on USB stick only.

Last year Kloot had a very busy year; making the critically acclaimed ‘Insider/Outsider’ album with Mauro Pawlowski (Evil Superstars/dEUS/Hitsville Drunks’ which yielded a minor radio hit with ‘Land Of The Most Forgotten’. That same year he made a collaboration album with Rudy Trouvé which sound tracked a joint art exhibition the pair made.

Je T’ai Toujours Aimeé was first recorded by Kloot’s old band Polyphonic Size back in 1982 with JJ Burnell of The Stranglers on vocals. Remarkably some 38 years later Kloot has re-imagined the song with Pascal Deweze (Sukilove/Broken Glass Heroes/Metal Molly) at the production helm. The track also was mastered by Uwe Teichert (dEUS, Public Enemy, Placebo).

Yes; these are difficult times but when Kloot turns 65 in October of this year he aims to partially celebrate with ‘The Derriere Project’ an art exhibition of 65 ladies’ painted behinds…

Je T’ai Toujours Aimeé
will be coming out alongside 2 other tracks on a 10″ special maxi single via Jezus Factory in the fall.