Brand New Millionaire 7″ and Video, Butsenzeller Interview and Rudy live…

Millionaire are following up the phenomenal success of their comeback album ‘Sciencing’ with a second 7″ and video for ‘Love Has Eyes’. The single is limited to 250 copies and is on Crimson Red Vinyl and is housed in a transparent sleeve. The single is released on 08.09.17 and we have a limited amount for sale in our webshop; the first single flew out in a few hours so if you are interested don’t hesitate! The video which is a follow on from ‘I’m Not Who You Think You Are’ is just as disturbing and well worth a watch here

Got a GREAT interview with Butsenzeller here, please do have a read to learn more about our renaissance man!!!

Rudy Trouvé will be playing a show alongside the likes of Tip Toe Topic and Sjoerd Bruil for the Bending The Frame series on 16th September in Gent. Details here