Two new upcoming Rudy Trouvé collaborations – The Horse Head Bed and Vivants

So… As you can see above there is an exciting new Heaven Hotel band – The Horse Head Bed featuring Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert and Eric Thielemans and they have a few releases coming up; the first of which we have a limited amount of copies of the cassette which is a collaboration with the band Lärmschutz and is released on Faux Amis… It comes out on Friday, 27th September… Info on the other bits when we have it….
ALSO…. Jezus Factory are proud again to be collaborating with Heaven Hotel to be releasing VIVANTS which in this first incarnation is a collaboration between Rudy Trouvé and Mirco Gasparrini that was mastered by everyone’s favourite engineer Uwe Teichert… This one comes out on the 1st November and we will give you more information nearer the time but thought it was a good idea to mention them both as both Rudy projects and would save on postage…. Both for order in our webshop at

AS WITH ALL OF OUR CASSETTE RELEASES THE AIM IS TO PRESERVE THE PHYSICAL PRODUCT AND HAVE SOMETHING THAT LOOKS COOL THAT YOU CAN PLAY ON YOUR HOME STEREO…. If however you don’t own a cassette player please don’t be put off, just drop a line with the order and we will send you the files or even burn you a CDR should you require. THANKS AS ALWAYS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND INTEREST