Heyme – (Kiss My Jazz) BRAND NEW album ‘Reverberations From Prague’


Other labels might wind down a bit in the Summer but not Jezus. We are DELIGHTED to present to you the new album from Heyme – ‘Reverberations from Prague’… It’s released on 30th August… All you Kiss My Jazz and Lionell Horrowitz fans are going to love it!!

It’s a first for us in that it combines theater with a book that can be read in time to the music, or just enjoy the music on it’s own. IN ANY CASE we have a Special offer: get the book  together with the CD (very limited stock. Only 30 books available!) 

Reverberations From Prague is inspired and based on the theater play #Hypocrisy by Imogen Stirling, for which the original music was composed by Ross Somerville.

Heyme was a stand-in musician for the Prague Fringe Festival 2019 shows for #Hypocrisy, when the original musician could not make it. He was emailed the script, a youtube video of an earlier show, and had some general guidelines on where to be silent, and where to build tension. He checked what Ross Somerville had done, and then prepared some of his own riffs.

Heyme and Imogen met for the first time on the afternoon of the 1st show on May 24, and played 4 nights in a row after that, on sold-out shows. The riffs and improvisations became set after that, and were recorded afterwards for this cd. The Guitar riffs are as were played live, Trumpet and Saxophone were added later for this recording. All instruments, composition, mix and artwork are done by Heyme.

We recommend getting the book together with this CD, and read the script out loud while playing the soundtrack.

Teaser track on soundcloud.