True Bypass – True Bypass


full cd – JF025 – 2010-10-04

Two sensitive souls who, automatically and without planning, started writing songs together, acoustic and pure.

The debut album True Bypass is released in Benelux and the UK by Jezus Factory and distributed by Bertus in the Benelux and Shellshock in the UK.

The album was mastered by Uwe Teichert (dEUS, Public Enemy, Placebo).

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1. The Lake
2. Hallway
3. Elskan
4. Love We Are
5. Trying To Make It Home
6. Drawing The Lines
7. For This Life
8. How To Find
9. Tickytok

“Damn near perfect. This is the natural heir to The Microphones at their most tender” Rock-A-Rolla

“Marries the warm intimacy of Mark Kozelk with the simplicity of Isobell Campbell’s partnership with Mark Lanegan. A late night break up album par excellence” Rock Sound

“Mournful and enchanting. A wonderful debut”. Goldflakepaint

“Crispy jangly folk-pop of dreamlike proportions. What more could you ask for?” Pennyblack Music

“As close to celestial as any human is going to achieve” Sonic Dice

“The sheer lushness and beauty of these minimal compositions cannot be denied” Rock-A-Rolla

“Considerable charm” Rock Sound



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