The Kids – The Kids & Naughty Kids 40th Anniversary Edition


Classic Belgian Punk band The Kids get the reissue treatment from the wonderful Starman Records

Two classic albums on one CD + 2 bonus tracks, with booklet containing exclusive photo’s


Starman Records proudly presents: The Kids & Naughty Kids (40th Anniversary Edition 1978-2018)


Two classic albums on one CD + 2 bonus tracks, with booklet containing exclusive photo’s


The Kids, active since 1976, is without any doubt one of the most iconic bands, globally regarded as one of the best European punkbands from the first generation. They owe that reputation to the year 1978, the year in which they released their landmark titleless debut, an album that rightfully is in the list of the great European seventies punk albums. The same year an EP and their second album “Naughty Kids”  are released as well consolidating  their reputation as godfathers of Belgian punk.


40 years later these two classic 1978 albums receive a well deserved reissue on CD. Remastered sound, two non album bonus tracks, a 20 page booklet with previously unpublished photos’s from the archive of the band. The liner notes are by by Kids-fan, journalist and filmmaker Marc Didden.


An album you can’t miss, sharp as a razorblade and containing many of The Kids classics such as: “ This is Rock ’n Roll” (covered by Metallica), “Fascist Cops”, “Bloody Belgium”, “No Monachy” etc..


Nowadays The Kids are still very active, touring the world and for sure still the most angry Belgian band which says a lot about the eagerness and sharpness of Ludo Mariman and his mates. The Kids for sure still are a relevant top band !


1. This is Rock ‘N Roll

2. Do You Love The Nazis

3. Bloody Belgium

4. For the Fret

5. Baby That’s Alright

6. Fascist Cops

7. I Wanna Get a Job in the City

8. I Don’t Care

9. I Feel Alright

10. Old D.J.’s

11. I’ll Get You

12. Money is All I Need

13. No Work

14. Jesus Christ (Didn’t Exist)

15. Don’t Wanna Be a Fat Boy

16. We are the Prisoners

17. Radio Radio

18. No Monarchy

19. Through The Night

20. Dead Industry

21. Run Away

22. Razor Blade for Sale

23. Sixteen

24. Naughty Boy

25. Sex Queen

26. Rock over Belgium

27. The City is Dead



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