The Horse Head Bed and Lärmschutz – Faux Amis vol. 9



The Horse Head Bed (Rudy Trouvé, Eric Thielemans and Elko Blijweert) play minimal jazz rock in this split cassette with Lärmschutz released on Faux Amis. Proud to be stocking a very limited amount of this release.

(don’t let cassette be a barrier to supporting PHYSICAL music if you don’t have a cassette player – if you want the files or even a CDR burnt with your purchase that we can send with the cassette let us know)

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Every month in 2019, Lärmschutz invites a fellow like-minded artist for a split release on Faux Amis records.

For the September instalment, The Horse Head Bed plays minimal rock jazz.

For side B, Lärmschutz responds inviting two guests, old friends, on violin and shruti box. Together they aim for a minimal, dark sound with a wide grin on the EQ curve.


The Horse Head Bed is an instrumental jazz trio:

Eric Thielemans plays drums
Elko Blijweert plays guitar
Rudy Trouvé uses piano

All songs on side A recorded at The Rabbit Field by Alain Rylant

Lärmschutz on this release is:

Stef Brans plays guitar,
Rutger van Driel plays bass
Spelonk plays violin
Serpentine plays shruti box

The pills of Donegal were recorded at Db’s, Utrecht

Again with beautiful art by Sander Reijgers.
Side A – The Horse Head Bed
1. Tribute to Hal Blaine Part One –  6.34
2. Miles Apart – 7.35
3. Some Of My Favourite Chords – 2.21
4. Offer Two (Tony Iommi Version) – 12.28
Side B – Lärmschutz
1. The Pills of Donegal


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