Tape Cuts Tape – Lost Footage


3rd Full Length album from Tape Cuts Tape on Vinyl and CD.

Rudy Trouvé – Eric Thielemans – Lynn Cassiers


Lost Footage is the 3rd release of the trio Cassiers – Trouvé – Thielemans, who share a love for improvisations, grooves and drones.
Catchy melodies, experiments and improvisation, and a unique mix of dub, krautrock and lo-fi. And always vulnerable.
With guests DAAU on some tracks.

Since 2010 Tape Cuts Tape creates a pretty interesting tension that a common love
for betraying improvisation, groove and drones. ‘Lost Footage “is plate number three for the trio
Trouvé-Cassiers-Thielemans. Together they provide an exciting atmosphere creation that images
evokes old VHS, Betamax and polaroids. Content counterattacks Tape Cuts Tape a permanent feeling
of restlessness that is motivated by fears, desires and the finiteness of things, “Help me to
cut thesis demons loose, except for the ones I can use. “
On “Lost Footage” teetering Tape Cuts Tape between experience and discover, experiment and improvisation,
catchy melodies and expansive, hypnotic soundscapes, baroque chamber music and a unique blend of
dub, krautrock and lo-fi. With a striking physical DAAU guest appearance on the album and major influences
as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Conny Plank, Baden Powell, Augustus Pablo, Johann Pachelbel and Harmonia
in mind.
“Hard to believe that music is sponging so emphatically on improvisation, so rounded and can layered
sound. Discover “(Bart Steenhaut – De Morgen).
“Rudy – always good – Trouvé, this time in the capacity of Tape Cuts Tape.” (HUMOR)
“Tape Cuts Tape is a band that operates as a unit and not think proper due music laws, but in
all sincerity each seeks and finds in heady realms “(De Volkskrant – Netherlands ).

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1. Sway Daemons (electric) 2. Dark Grey Matter 3. Polaroid Fades 4. To-126
5. Perpetual 6. Five Dash One 7. Let’s Meet Tomorrow 8. Scales in Orange and Grey (feat.
DAAU) 9. Sot-23 10. Freon 11. Perpetuum Mobile 12. Sway Daemons (acoustic)

Musicians :
Rudy Trouvé – Eric Thielemans – Lynn Cassiers

Tape Cuts Tape improvises.
All music by TAPE CUTS TAPE.

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