Strumpets – Hello Strumpets


full cd – JF022 – 2010-01-23

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Strumpets is a rock band from Antwerp, Belgium formed in November of 2007 leaded by the Argentinian Miguel Horacio Sosa. Strumpets started originally as a solo studio project that later evolved into a band with Elko Blijweert, Jeroen Stevens, Jan Stoop and Farid Zahoun. ‘Hello Strumpets’ was recorded by Greg Brems in Begonia Studios (Antwerp). The album was co-produced by the band, the mix and mastering was done in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by Nicolas ” Parker ” Pucci. Special guest appearances included Mauro Pawlowksi from dEUS (who sang some lead vocals) and Pascal Deweze of Sukilove.

– Strumpet 3:45
-Walking on air 2:47
-You’re far (to love me) 2:51
-Leen 3:46
-Who pulls the reins of the sun 4:35
-Gliding in orbits 3:40
-Parabolica 4:09
-The alcove of Celica 6:09
-You’re Far ( intrumental Final Mix ) 2:26

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