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Two years after the well-received EP ‘The End of Things You Wished Would Last Forever’ SimpleSongs present ‘The Best Of Our Years’, a collection of 12 songs that deal with the duality of life. How good things can only exist because of the bad ones. How loving people brings a fear of losing them. How dark songs can only be true if they let the light in.

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SimpleSongs is Ken Veerman with the help of Tim Coenen (guitar, ukulele), Alain Rylant (drums) and Joes Brands (bass). Backing vocals by An Pierlé.

All songs and lyrics written by Ken Veerman. Recorded by Koen Gisen. Mastered by Uwe Teichert. Artwork by Rienk Michielsen

1. The Truth About Lovers 02:33
2. The Dearest Place 02:17
3. Never Out Of Place 02:44
4. Are We Good? 03:03
5. Weekend Warrior 02:55
6. Everybody Knows 03:36
7. The Best Of Our Years 02:41
8. Ordinary Speech 03:00
9. Hardcore 02:56
10. There’s No Future (There’s Only Today) 02:54
11. You Became A Habit 02:35
12. As Soon As It’s Over 04:15

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