Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences – The Bigger Bone


The second single and the first to feature the full band and a multi colour sound. Great artwork from Alex’s girlfriend Rose Forshall. This is a limited edition CD in a digi pack, also released on Itunes.

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The Bigger Bone
The Cavalry Ain’t Coming
Hate Is All Around

Following on from the critically acclaimed 7” split single with Lil’ Lost Lou, “The Evil Thoughts”, Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences return on 26 November with The Bigger Bone taken from the band’s forthcoming album We Are Not Other People scheduled for release early next year.

The Bigger Bone is Hawkins’ most strident and confident statement to date. Throbbing guitars and apocalyptic drums underpin an Aesop’s Fables inspired lyric. As with much of Hawkins’ material the distinction between character study and autobiography is blurred and it is ambiguous whether the song is a parable on the folly of limitless ambition and a self-aggrandising statement of a band intent on world domination. The song is backed by two further tracks – the galloping, looping The Cavalry Ain’t Coming and the pounding, relentless Daily Mail paranoia bating Hate is All Around.

“A singer laden with pure charisma” – NME

“An ace antifolk superstar” – Time Out London

“His rants and raves remind me of a drunk British Tom Waits crossed with bits of Jarvis Cocker and Nick Cave. You’re sucked into the irrepressible ravings of an endearing id.” – indiefolkforever

“Wayward fuck off and leave alone buckled pop. Like Daniel Johnston but with better tunes. One of those must have releases I’m afraid” – Losing Today reviewing The Evil Thoughts

“A genuinely dirty raw, rock energy I’ve been missing for a good few years. I mean can you name a new band that’s made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and make you believe that twenty five thousand ants are crawling all over your skin? Refreshingly, there’s never a sense of resolution, absolution or redemption. To Hawkins, there’s only deterioration, decay and debility – which is exactly how life works” – Room 13 reviewing The Evil Thoughts

“Blues-stomping, alcohol fuelled bitter despair. 8/10” – Drowned in Sound on The Evil Thoughts

“I haven’t been able to get Paul Hawkins out of my head for the last 4 days” – Huw Stephens, Radio 1

“A very unusual charisma. I became captivated by the character in Paul’s voice”- Drunken Werewolf Magazine

“Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences make your lungs bleed and your ears explode” –

“Pretty fucking untouchable. The best live act I’ve seen on any stage” – Alistair Harper, Extradition Order

“The best band in the world” – Tim Ten Yen

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