Papernut Cambridge – Outstairs Instairs


Brand new Papernut Cambridge from alt psych pop genius dream band let by Ian Button. Available on some lovely formats.

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“By turns catchy, intimate and beguiling… a C86 version of The Faces…a bedsit Bowie…”
Shindig! 2018

“This is easy listening made hard….Papernut Cambridge continue to sound like nothing else around. The arrangements are generous and beautifully played, with nice details to discover….Classy stuff that you absolutely must hear.”
Popgruppen 2018

“Papernut Cambridge weave their icons and cerebral pinings into articulate hazy pop…like a mongrel-breed of the Alex Harvey Band, Wings and Marmalade….Highway 61 Revisited Dylan fronts The Soup Dragons…A most magnificent return from a most maverick of outfits.
Monolith Cocktail 2018

“…..Little vignettes evoking a time past, but never dwelling……Cementing their place as treasures of the British psych scene, Papernut Cambridge hit a home run with this excellent album.”
Echoes & Dust 2018

“It reminds me of a blend of The Doomed Bird Of Providence, King Missile, Virginia Wing, Ivor Cutler, The Faces, Pavement and Simon & Garfunkel…..a great album.”
Het Schaduwkabinet (Holland) 2018

“‘Outstairs Instairs’ blends the sounds of 1970s pop with the moods and motivations of the 1960s……other worldly yet hummable, psychedelia without the psychedelic drugs, glam rock without the fear of being beaten up….there is no sense that he is sending up pop music or turning it into a cryptic joke. This is an affectionate re-imagination of the sounds of the 1970s.”
Pennyblack Music 2018

Formats as follows

12″ vinyl LP pressed on 140g black vinyl. Side A is an INSIDE OUT cut (plays from the centre label outwards), and side B is cut normally. The LP comes in a brown paper inner sleeve and reverse board outer sleeve (green artwork) with an A4 card lyrics insert.

Vinyl LP inside a stickered brown paper counter bag, plus a copy of the CD and two 58mm badges.

CD version (brown artwork) inside a reverse board printed card wallet.

Album CD plus 3 bonus discs and a 25mm badge inside a manila matchbox style heavy card case, foil stamped on the front in brown with a sticker on the back. Hand numbered edition of 50 copies.
– Outstairs Instairs album CD
– Pink Icing EP – extra tracks and bonus versions
– Cherry Blossom EP – unreleased EP from 2015 including versions of songs by Ralegh Long and The Climb/Thrashing Doves.
– Home Cooking album CD – missing-presumed-lost album made/pressed in 1993/4 under Ian Button’s Anthony Anderson alias.
– One of an assortment of badges used in the Outstairs Instairs album artwork.

The musicians on this record are:
Ian Button – vocals, guitar, keys etc
Robert Rotifer – guitar, banjo, bass, vocals
Robert Halcrow – bass
Darren Hayman – drums, keys, vocals, bass, pics
Terry Miles – piano
Emma Winston – piano
Malcolm Doherty – recorders
Sterling Roswell – synthesizer
Luke Smith – piano
Stabbs MacKenzie – saxophone
Kenji Kitahama – vocals
Jon Clayton – cello
Ralegh Long – organ
David Woolf – guitar
Jack Hayter – viola

Additional information

Vinyl Only, CD only, Vinyl + CD Deluxe, 4CD Box Set

Vinyl Only, CD Only, Vinyl + CD, 4CD Box Set


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