Papermouth – Papermouth


1. WeepPoorWillow 03:20
2. Embalmed Man 03:33
3. Nasty Cabaret 05:37
4. The Holy Shrine 05:27
5. Comets 04:02
6. Lackluster Eyes 04:54
7. Silverfish 01:48
8. Twin Island 12:00
9. DemiGod 06:14

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In 2007, when Papermouth was still Jorgs singer/songwriter solo project, a band called The Unholy Tree was formed.
As it goes, the new band and the solo project ended up being merged under the Papermouth moniker, displaying an interest in dirty alternative psychedelic rock and darker sounding americana, with lyrics that combine stories and mysticism.
The band recorded their first album in a small church in the vicinity of their hometown of Antwerp, Belgium.
Tapped into that extra Holy Mojo, this self-titled debut sees the light in november 2010.

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