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Moon Tan is the second album by OW, Antwerp’s most exquisitely psychedelic band. The music is still naïve and dreamlike, but has developed a darker side. It’s a filmic trip, sometimes quiet and melodic, often loud, dissonant, intense and hypnotic.

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“Occasionally storm clouds gather, but this beautiful, elegant work knows how to hold your attention without resorting to scare tactics” KKKK Kerrang!

“Playful, intense, weird and engaging” Subba Cultcha

“Dark Side Of The Moon meets Indie rock in a jazz bar” Plastic Ashtray

Although OW’s music is predominantly instrumental, it’s actually about something. It evokes everyday things like loneliness, confusion, alienation, depression, being lost, snails, lost love, snowboarding, the decline of western civilization, evil women (on TV), food and alcohol abuse, loss of memory.

OW features four members:

Chris Wauters: drums, bells, shakers, voice.

Jan Stoop: bass, big muff, delay, voice.

Elko Blijweert: keyboard, melodica, Chinese flute, echo, pro, shakers, voice.

Thomas Noppe: guitar, memory man, pulsar, toy harp, Casio, voice.

They have a rich history in loads of pivotal bands from the infamous Antwerp scene. Chris was in Elohim, Pockets of Resistance and Zen Torpedo. Elko played and/or plays in Goldorak, Kiss My Jazz, Bad Influence, Franco Saint de Bakker, Autistik Youth, Male or Female, Dead Man Ray, Rudy Trouvé Sextet, Con&Rot, Star Club West, Catsize, Miles Behind, Screaming Headache and Tip Toe Topic. Thomas was a member of Skunk, Bad Influence, Zen Torpedo, Gore Slut, Miles Behind, Screaming Headache and Catsize. Jan played in various bands in Madrid, Seattle (Red Stars Theory) and Beveren. Together with Thomas he was in Hell Beach.

Moon Tan was recorded and mixed by Geert Van Bever in August 2006 on 16-track tape deck at Ghosttown studios. Special guests on the album are Sigrid van Roosendaal and Frans van Isacker on trumpet, alt sax and bass clarinet. The album was released by Heaven Hotel and distributed in the Benelux by Lowlands.

Press Quotes for Ow:

“Musically OW touches common ground with the minimalist rock of Slint or even the slowcore of Codeine. With neither of those bands you’ll hear cozy cricket sounds though, as happens in “Vivid Dream of Holding Hands”. OW doesn’t only juggle with subtle inventions, but also with power. The textures switch between dreamy, elated and uncomfortable.”- De Morgen

“Desolate sound patterns, covered in a mystic haze of loneliness, depres­sion and lost love. Derailed guitars clash with a very tight rhythm section and eerie pas­sages alternate with venomous friction…the intensity oozes from the speakers.” – KindaMuzik

“Ow performs instrumental, dreamy, almost naïve music. Their soundscapes are occasionally happy, but in general they create a dark and sad atmosphere. Beautiful, mysterious and melodic guitar lines are draped over tense bass lines and intriguing drums.” – Platomania

“At first you think they play shoegazer music, like My Bloody Valentine. The music sure is dreamy, but just when you are about to be rocked to sleep, a sudden storm disrupts the dream and you are wide-awake and excited about the beautiful things you hear.” – VPRO radio

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