Outdoor Types – All Aboard That’s Coming Aboard


All Aboard That’s Coming Aboard
full cd – IBTPLP0002 – 2010-08-17

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Folk Rock but far from Hey, Nonny. You could find a foothold here if you knew 70s facial hair gods Horslips or 80s barricade stormers The Men They Couldn’t Hang. But this is NOT retro and is informed by Indie aesthetics and an embracing of many musical pathways, not least Garage Rock. And it’s in the Garage we find the album’s grotesques such as the shadowy wraith “Jangler Swifteye” and particularly the twisted creep called “The Doll Enthusiast”. However “Got A Concept, Got A Job” could be Depeche Mode if they swapped synths for spit and sawdust. By closing track Over The Pylons Billy Bragg singing The Smiths (or is it The Smiths singing Billy Bragg) could be as appropriate. All topped by the amazing voice of Luke Novak.
The download single will be the alcoholic Mariachi of By The Gallon – if this doesn’t get you swinging you’re dead, or at the very least sober.
After exceptional singles on the Hand Of God label, I Blame The Parents Records is delighted to release their album. So like the title says – ALL ABOARD THAT’S COMING ABOARD!
“I am just filled with an urge to make a fool of myself and dance all about my house. At other times, I am just left in awe of the creativity and catchiness. This album has me in awe!”

– Music Emissions Review

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