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Broken Tamagotchi
A Footnote
Colonel Parker
Flying Things and Pests
I Killed Burt Bacharach
2 People, 0 Superpowers
Mojo Top 100
We’ll Play The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood A Thousand Times Tonight
It’s Christmas Time (For God’s Sake)

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Some kind of alchemy, not to be repeated – a mix of tension, bitterness, and a way with lyrics that no one has, or will, match – 9/10.” – Drowned In Sound

“Perfect in their hopelessness.” – Pitchfork (Gareth Campesinos!)

“This south London duo sound like post-rockers Mogwai reinterpreting choice moments from The Fall’s illustrious back catalogue. Their songs make for a snotty, sneering listen and are as giddily hypnotic as they are unsettling” – NME

“If Pavement were from a small English town and had to watch Christmas reruns of Only Fall And Horses. There’s only two of them, doesn’t sound like there’s only two of them. I do like this, like it lots actually.” – Organ Magazine

“A lo-fi masterpiece – 9/10.” – The Music

“Excellent stuff from this refreshingly unique band – 4/5.” – God is in the TV

“Anyone coming to them fresh will hear nods to everyone from Mission Of Burma to Pavement to HEALTH, but at heart they sound like nobody but two people with a lot of records making music that doesn’t sound exactly like any of them.” – The Line of Best Fit

“An emotional rollercoaster laced with blaspheme and romantic despair – 8/10.” – This is Fake DIY

“Nosferatu D2 are one of my favourite bands of all time. Some of the best, most hateful lyrics you’ll ever hear.” – Gareth of Los Campesinos!

“Not an album to listen to if you want cheering up, but for great musicianship and lyrical brilliance this is the place” – Chris Chinchilla, ART BRUT (Angry Ape)

“In the hierarchy of credible angst in post-punk music, there’s Morrissey, there’s Cobain, there’s Ben Parker, and then there’s everybody else….Simply unbeatable. The best six pounds sterling you will spend this year.” –

“Excellent. These songs deserve to be out there. As a snapshot of what it’s like to be a young adult on the periphery of London, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything better.” – Another Form of

“This is what Japandroids should have sounded like. Japandroids are just an all right warm-up for the hurricane that is the unjustly forgotten Nosferatu D2 – 4/5.” – Spectrum Culture

“Gut-wrenching…You can almost feel Ben Parker’s spit through your speakers – 5/5.” – Music Emissions

“A godsend for anyone still feeling the pain of the passing of John Peel. They embody almost every band and everything Peel championed, from wit and the Wedding Present to heart and Hefner. You’ll also hear the Cure, Joy Division, the Fall, Half Man Half Biscuit. . .the list goes on. Yet their shambolic incisiveness never grates or bores. I can see this album inspiring bands of the future – it keeps a flame alive.” – Die Shellsuit Die!

“Nosferatu D2. Not just a great name (though personally a favourite), this is a two-piece lo-fi alt outfit from Croydon. Rawer than nappy rash, there is nothing fake in this music. The cutting, cynical lyrics are among some of the finest around today.” – Chaos Before

“An urgent, satisfying band…Too much integrity to survive! Nosferatu D2 need to be listened to, a lot.” –

“Ben’s vocals swirl all around you like voices in your head, while the drums crash and stutter and stop…Maybe one day people will stop mentioning Kate Moss when talking about Croydon and mention the two talented individuals who form the band Nosferatu D2.” – Nothing At

“London’s last best chance at reviving intelligent music …One of the finest bands I’ve ever known.” – BLD

“The most gripping, attention-rewarding difficult music I’ve ever heard. Heavy in the best possible way.” – Robots and Electronic

“The album is 10 tracks of clattering lo-fi which sound like The Vichy Government pounding the Pavement looking for a Wedding Present while their world collapses…Great album.” – Devil Has The Best Tuna Blog

“It’s raw and frantic and remarkably easy to listen to – 9/10.” – Archelon’s Gravity

“A very worthy and exciting project.” – The Pigeon Post

“They could be young and naïve (they sound it, in a good way), old and jaded, or just very smart None of which matters.” – Damned

“A great album from a fantastic band. I think you should buy it.” – I Shot The

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