Kloot Per W – Arbre A Filles


Released on Digital/MC and CD 22nd April and LP 24th June 


Kloot Per W – Arbre A Filles

Brand new French language album produced by Pascal Deweze

Released on Digital/MC and CD 22nd April and LP 24th June on Jezus Factory Records

Link to Je Suis La Mort

“The f**k you attitude of the French new wave, via Lou Reed, Mick Harvey and Anton Barbeau, styled ‘Tu Me Troubles’ (“you disturb me”), which has both bristle and sophistication, coquettish doo wop female backing singers and a touch of Britpop melody. ‘Le Pays’ (“the country”) moves the action towards a smoky blend of the Jazz Butcher and the Bad Seeds, as satellites’ twinkled communications blink over a psychedelic starry, starry night café scene. A spooked Morricone creeps around on the vibrato, cooing female-voiced backed ‘Girl On The Phone’, but it’s Blixa Bargeld fronting the Os Mutantes in a haunted jazz lounge on the title-track.” – Monolith Cocktail

“Mainly refers to the early work of David Bowie and Lou Reed” – Musiczene

“The last word in French language Belgian sophistipop chanson with elegance and a touch of morbid self-reflection”. 9 out of 10 – Whisperin’ and Hollerin’
“Bathed in a seventies atmosphere with Robert Fripp like guitar playing” – Luminous Dash
“To be honest: I didn’t expect Kloot Per W to sing in French, but it works out in a marvelous way and sounds straight, true, honest … The album is filled with pearls and diamonds!” – Snooze Control
“Kloot Per W mentally wanders through the New York of the seventies, recalling the blossoming graffiti culture, the stinking CBGB punk cave and the Ziggy Stardust glam rock.” – Written In Music
“… elusive, mysterious, very nostalgic and above all: irresistible, not easy to grasp and at the same time immediately recognizable.\n ” Rootstime be
‘Much post-punk energy fires the melodic cynicism and world weariness’ – RNR Magazine
“Like Iggy Pop doing Eurovision.” God Is In The TV

Jezus Factory are more than proud to be presenting Arbre A Filles – a fully French language album by Kloot Per W

Buoyed on by the minor French radio smash hit of ‘Nuits Blanches’ Kloot launched a successful crowdfunding campaign in the midst of COVID to allow him to return to the studio of Pascal Deweze to allow him to make the expensive French language album that he always heard in his head. Kloot’s friends Mauro Pawlowski and Rudy Trouvé also stopped by the studio to take part in the sessions and the result is a stately, elegant and a defining album in a long and diverse career.

Kloot decided that its time for a Flemish Belgian to start singing in French for a while and the beauty of that language gave him a whole different sonic palette to work with.

Kloot is a legend; but that can indicate that ones best work is behind him; Kloot has a constant thirst for creativity and his time more than ever is now.

Kloot Per W (66.6) was first active in the Belgian music and art scene in 1969, and recorded first as bassist for The Misters (78) and guitarist for The Employees (81) and was probably one of the first artists to release his solo albums as cassette only releases two in 1980 and 3 in 1981 including the legendary Music For Girls (re-released by Starman Records). Kloot has been active in the acclaimed bands Polyphonic Size (two albums produced by JJ Burnel of The Stranglers.), Sandie Trash (F), Strictly Rockers, Chop Chicks (with DJ Buscemi) and De Lama’s.The XXXX of Kloot Per W;  a compilation of Kloot’s 7”s was released in 1995 and a cassette anthology Moon in 2000. In 2018 Kloot Per W  released an acclaimed album of Velvet Underground covers called ‘Inhale Slowly and Feel’ and DRILL a collection of instrumental abstract music for his art installation that rebuild the Raymond Scott Manhattan Research Inc studio on USB stick only. 

In 2019 Kloot had a very busy year; making the critically acclaimed ‘Insider/Outsider’ album with Mauro Pawlowski (Evil Superstars/dEUS/Hitsville Drunks’ which yielded a minor radio hit with ‘Land Of The Most Forgotten’. That same year he made a collaboration album with Rudy Trouvé which sound tracked a joint art exhibition the pair made. In 2020 the Kloot Per W Group released the ‘Nuits Blanches’ EP and Kloot made a soon to be released album with Marcel Vanthilt and Rudy Trouvé shortly before going into the studio with Pascal Deweze. Kloot also has a 100 painting strong Derrière exhibition coming up! Try to keep up with Kloot; it’s no use!

The album was produced by Pascal Deweze and mastered by Uwe Teichert (dEUS, Public Enemy, Placebo).

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CD, Cassette or Vinyl LP

CD, Limited Red Cassette, Vinyl LP


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