Cocaine Piss – Sex Weirdos 7″ – Featuring Mauro Pawlowski


Highly limited Cocaine Piss single recorded by Steve Albini with Mauro Pawlowski on the B Side

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In February 2016 Cocaine Piss journeyed to Chicago to record their first full length at Electrical Audio where Steve Albini helped them put 14 short and catchy outbursts to analog tape. You’ll have to wait until October 2016 for the full length, but there’s no way we can contain all those rabid tracks until then. So, just to prepare you for the oncoming glittershitstorm, we will unleash two singles onto you. The first single, “Sex Weirdos”, erupts from its enclosure to come to a grinding halt 50 seconds later. We have reserved the B side for friends who try their hand a Cocaine Piss songs. For the first one, they are: Mauro Pawlowski and Legends.

Limited to 300 copies (100 clear red + 200 black vinyl)
Layout by Dennis Tyfus

  1. Sex Weirdos
  2. Mauro Pawlowski – Pussy
  3. Legends – Fuck This Garden

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