Chantal Acda – Bounce Back


3rd full length solo album from Chantal Acda


Thank you to my wonderful musicians who joined me on this wonderful journey.(Eric Thielemans, Shahzad Ismaily, Alan Gevaert, Bill Frisell, Gaetan Vandewoude, Niels Van Heertum, Gerd van Mulders, Mathijs Bertel, Fred Lyenn Jacques). Thank you Phill Brown for your being and knowing what the songs needed. Thank you to my team (Inge de Bruyn, Edwin Korver, The Glitterhouse team, Marije van Veen, Dieter Craeye, Nick Symons), Hanneke Wetzer, Libelia de Splenter, Uwe Teichert , Rutger Zuydervelt,Pascal Deweze, and all sweet souls i forgot out of excitement!

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