Benny Zen; The Recording Artist Featuring The Syphilis Madmen – Hits


6th studio album of brand new material from Benny Zen; band of Peter Houben (Nemo, Mitsoobishy Jacson, Ultracowboy)


PRE ORDER – Released 13th February 2017.

12 Brand New Tracks! The new Benny Zen album HITS (Fons Records, FR032CD) boldly rides the early 80’s UK indie wave. Pop tracks by The Passions, The Lotus Eaters, China Crisis, The Blue Nile and even A Flock of Seagulls were regularly played in the studio.

The nigh-kitsch sound of that era provided the blueprint for the arrangements. Coincidence played its part too… In May 2016 the digital interface in studio Tramadol 100.000 mg. goes berserk. All software synths, organs and pianos are inaccessible. And so the ancient Korg Polysix and Yamaha CS-15 (see sleeve) are brought down from the attic. Both synths date from the early 80s and have developed serious issues. The Yamaha cracks and blips and one of the six oscillators on the Korg is detuned. Every six notes there’s one that sounds a little off. Both synths can be heard on each track.

Discography with Benny Zen 

Hits (2017, Fons)

Go Out and Love the People (2014, Fons) 

Tony the Hindu and the Advocates of Science end Culture (2013, Rough Trade)

Run back to the Safety of the Town (2011, Kinky Star)  

UFO Conspiracy Believer (2009, Jezus Factory)



Benny Zen

Peter Houben (voice, guitar, keys)

Gert Stinckens (guitar)

Tom Vienne (bass, voice)

Jules Lemmens (drums)



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