Angels Die Hard – Mood Ring


2nd Angels Die Hard album ‘Mood Ring’ produced by Elko Blijweert on vinyl w/download


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2 Years have passed since the release of the eponymous debut LP Angels Die Hard. A period that has been all but quiet and restful for Thomas, Rob and Alex.
Rob has been travelling barefoot with nothing more than his sling bag to draw rivers and soccer stadiums all over the world and had some time to record an album full of steel drumming along with a group of singing Myanmar army officers.
Thomas and Alex started a flute/marimba duo-project and did a short Asian tour as a support act for some a-list artists (like Enya), but they got fired after 2 gigs.
Thomas then picked up his old profession as a tree inspector (mostly bamboo) and spent a month meditating in a small cave near Kyoto, eating nothing but honey, brought in by the bees that also lived there.
Alex moved to Thailand to produce 3 female friendly police action movies. There was no dialogue in the movies. The movies were simply called (in order of release): A, D & H. The movies went straight to DVD.
Early 2015 the band wanted to record music to express their feelings of happiness and love for each other. They came together to record their new album with the aid of Elko Blijweert and Jan Stoop. Alain Rylant helped them out with some percussion and also did a lecture about knives.


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