Papernut Cambridge Pre Sale, Butsenzeller, Bert Lezy and Sam Flastic Hughes

Firstly thanks so much to everyone that came and checked us out at the Independent Label Market. It was a pleasantly surprising success… At the market we also picked up some very fine copies of the new Papernut Cambridge record, available on Double White 10″, CD, and a cassette with instrumental mixes of the album… If you don’t know the band already; mainman Ian Button was Death In Vegas’ guitar player and has produced the likes of David Cronenberg’s Wife, Extradition Order and Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences. This is their 4th full length of 70’s infused pop perfection. One of my favourite bands making music right now… PRE SALE AND MORE INFO HERE 

We are also proud to be stocking two more items, the first is a collaboration between Butsenzeller and Bert Lezy called Butsenzeller Versus Blaastaal – Autoloze Woensdag and it is available on a limited CD in our webshop Expect linguistic absurdity, nonsense, drones and noise.

The second is Sam Flastic Hughes, a young fellow who got in touch with us about his Belgian inspired album of continuous music, it really is a trip that you should check out HERE