Mauro Pawlowski 7″, Frank Zappa, Rudy Trouve and Belgian Record Store Day

A deluge of exciting news so I will keep it brief and to the point

Flat Earth Society & Mauro Pawlowski have just released a homage to Frank Zappa called ‘Terms Of Embarrassment’. Mauro provides the guitar and vocals to this album so it will be very enjoyable. The CD is available in our shop.

We have also got hold of a few copies of a very limited and exciting 7″ single from a band I am too scared to say out loud for fear of bouncing mail, but let’s just say that Mauro has covered one of their songs for the B-Side. The few copies we have are all we are going to have, as we were lucky to get them so, you know what to do…

Rudy Trouve being the fine fellow that he is has donated a piece of artwork to a German refugee charity so if you click here  or on the image you have an opportunity to own a unique piece of artwork whilst giving to a noble cause

Talking of Rudy, he is putting in a double shift for Record Store Day, playing at 2PM with Eric Thielmens in Fat Kat Also appearing is Chantal Acda at Midday so if you are in town not to be missed. That evening Rudy plays selections from the Heavenhotel songbook in Berchem
Other Rudy live dates include 
29.04 VOLTA RSL met Saskia De CosterLize SpitFikry El Azzouzi, … | Roeselare
30.04 Les Aralunaires | Arlon
30.04 L’An Vert | Liège
05.05 Café Café | Hasselt
07.05 ‘t Smiske | Asse (vox)

Angels Die Hard have a new album coming out on 6th May and you can hear a song from it here  We will obviously have it in our webshop as soon as possible…

Butsenzeller and Bert Lezy will be presenting their collaboration this Friday 15th atUTC

In LONDON Paul Hawkins and Papernut Cambridge play Live At The Gunners in Highbury Friday 15th