Papernut Cambridge – 7″ Calendar and Festive Video + Valarie Solanas

Papernut Cambridge 7″ Calendar and The Valerie Solanas
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One of the reasons we love Papernut Cambridge aside from their fantastic music is their sheer attention to detail and tireless conceptualism… We are proud to be stocking their 2017 Rock and Roll Sunday wall calendar that only contains Sunday’s and blank space to note down the records you listen throughout the year! It also comes with a free download of the album ‘There’s No Underground’… Perfect for those Rock and Roll Sunday afternoons…

In addition they have a new 7″ which is a double A Side of Nutsplainin/Green Chaud which are two tracks taken from the INSTRUMENTAL version of ‘Love The Things Your Lover Loves’ of which you will get a download of the full album with the single…

And in the third piece of Papernut Cambridge news there is video to a festive version of St Nicholas Vicarage  

A bit late to the party we now, but we have finally started stocking the third album by The Valerie Solanas called ‘Voodoo Glue‘ which is available on CD and LP and once again features artwork from the great Bert Lezy who did the covers for us for A Clean KItchen Is A Happy Kitchen, iH8 Camera and our forthcoming cassette  release Hersecelen…

In other news it’s nice to see our old buddies Paull Hawkins & The Awkward Silences get in the Monolith Cocktail End Of Year List

 Excert of the praise bestowed here ‘‘Lethargically executed and quintessentially an antifolk statement of protest, Outsider Pop is a highly infectious album of pop parodies that penetrate the bland veneer of the contemporary irksome vacuum known as the mainstream. Shambling discontent at its finest.’  DV

The disgruntled savant of disco funk pop and antifolk Paul Hawkins completely in the dark, oblivious to the dreadful proclamation of David Bowie’s impending death paid an augur homage to his white-suited and booted pop incarnation of the 1980s by transmogrifying ‘China Girl’ into an Outsider Pop anthem. Produced by that nutflake nostalgist, and one of the busiest men in the industry right now Ian Button (of the mighty Papernut Cambridge, Gare du Nord label and umpteen other projects), Hawkins’ third album also finds foibles of inspiration from REM, The Fall, Toto and The Art Of Noise; reflecting a much broader sound than before. The no wave, white funk, pop melodies act as a Trojan Horse, the themes far from advocating a hedonistic lust for life or suggesting the listener suppress the doldrums of modern life, are filled with malcontent at the state of the world.’