Maurits Pawels 7″ Single. Rudy Trouve Postcard. Grand Blue Heron Black Mountain. Pascal Deweze.

Thanks to Carlo from Tune Up we are pleased to be stocking the new Maurits Pauwels 7″ ‘Een Mooie Tijd’ which has 2 tracks NOT included on ‘Afscheid In Kloten’ so it can be bought in our maurits-pauwelswebshop Very cool looking it is too! You can watch and hear the excellent promo video here

…Which brings us to our next point. This song was co-written by Pascal Deweze… who is making a very welcome return to the stage this Friday 4th November at De Studio  with a VERY Serious band… If you can be there please do and please do let me know if anyone gets any footage…

Which brings us to our next point. OUR VERY OWN GRAND BLUE HERON ARE SUPPORTING BLACK MOUNTAIN on November 10th at De Kreun... Great news guys… and further proof that HATCH is a great record and a great sounding and looking Vinyl that you can get HERE

Heavenhotel presents catalogueAnd finally for now, the very lovely Rudy Trouve sent us some postcards and catalogues that you will see in the above box…. So the next 2 people to buy something released on Rudy’s label Heavenhotel from us will get a catalogue and the next 10 or so will get a postcard