Kloot Per W and Rudy Trouvé album collaboration and art exhibition

Is this is our most prolific release year ever? Well I can tell you it’s not intentional… When Kloot and Rudy decided to collaborate on an art exhibition called Vital Parts at MixArt 30th November and 1st December these two hardworking men decided to make an album together to go with it… It came together very spontaneously as any meeting between these great minds would and we managed to just turn this cassette round in time to make the date of the exhibition… It’s limited to 100 copies and half the cassettes will be available at the exhibition and the other half will be available from us direct. It’s also a Jezus Factory meets HeavenHotel collaboration also…

The total package will reach its peak on Sunday 1 December in the MixArt gallery when Kloot and Rudy, together with Jan Hautekiet and Mauro Pawlowski, will improvise live music on the animation loops. 

More detail about the cassette here

(don’t let cassette be a barrier to supporting PHYSICAL music if you don’t have a cassette player – if you want the files or even a CDR burnt with your purchase that we can send with the cassette let us know)