Jezus Factory Thanks You For A Great Year

It’s been yet another dizzying year for us… It’s hard to put into words but these pictures display the records we have released this year and also have been involved in distributing… We can honestly say we have been proud to have been involved in each and every one and they are all worthy of your attention… We also would like to thank each and every one of you who has read our emails, listened to our music and been so kind to keep supporting us and allowing us to survive to fight on another year… We appreciate every single gesture… All the best to each and every one of you!
Also a big big congratulations to A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen for registering in an End Of The Year Poll and also to Papernut Cambridge for TOPPING One!!!

A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen – The History Of Music: A Mosaic – “Stone Roses jamming with the Throbbing Gristle” – Monolith Cocktail

Angels Die Hard – S/T – “Fuses kraut-funk with touches of old school metal, Klaus Dinger percussion meets Deep Purple” – RWFF MUSIC

Craig Ward – New Third Lanark –
“An Ash Ra Tempel like higher plain” – Monolith Cocktail

We will NOT be shutting over Christmas so all orders will be fulfilled…

A few things of note… Angels Die Hard are playing this tonight!

Rudy Trouve has an art exhibition opening tomorrow

Just announced iH8 Camera – Les Atellier Claus Brussels, March 20th 2015