Extradition Order Album Launch Butsenzeller UK Shows and Raketkanon!

As ever with Jezus Factory we have lots of exciting things happening all on top of each other so am going to make this as succinct as possible.

Butsenzeller is live in session with Brute Love on Resonance FM on Saturday 2nd May between noon and 1PM. You can tune in by clicking the link.

ALSO on 2nd May he plays The Betsey Trotwood with Papernut Cambridge and Brute Love. All info is here

on 3rd May he plays The Gunners in Highbury with Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences and Extradition Order All Info Is Here

On 5th May he is on the bill for Extradition Order’s album launch of ‘Kennedy’ at Brixton Windmill alongside No Cars. This promises to be a most excellent night. All info is here


… and last but not least, we have started stocking the new Raketkanon record. They are from Belgium, Steve Albini recorded it and it rocks in the kind of off kilter way that fans of Evil Superstars will love; so we have started to stock the CD and Vinyl with CD versions here…

Watch the video to Raketkanon ‘Florent’ here