Heavenhotel Presents - God owes us a swimming pool

20 Years of Heavenhotel Compilation, Tape Cuts Tape and Tone Zones

“We were in bands. We went to bars. We met people who were in bands … so we started new bands. We made a record. With the money we made … we made new records. … That’s basically what we still do.”
(Elko & Rudy – Heaven Hotel 2015)

To celebrate 20 years of releasing records Heavenhotel Present ‘God Owes Us A Swimming Pool’ a 26 track double vinyl with a CD that is a good overview of what has been released on Heavenhotel…




Before we get too nostalgic Heavenhotel forges ahead with 2 new releases…


TAPE CUTS TAPE ‘Lost Footage’ on LP + CD



Lost Footage is the 3rd release of the trio Cassiers – Trouvé – Thielemans, who share a love for improvisations, grooves and drones.
Catchy melodies, experiments and improvisation, and a unique mix of dub, krautrock and lo-fi. And always vulnerable.
With guests DAAU on some tracks.


Tape Cuts Tape – Sway Daemons (Acoustic)

Rudy Trouvé – Eric Thielemans – Lynn Cassiers


TthetonezonesHE TONE ZONES – LP

Vinyl release full of  surfinstrumentals and elektronics. Original interpretations of The Pyramids, The Ventures, The Shadows and – cultband avant la lettre – The Jokers and Front 242.

The Tone Zones are guitarists Elko Blijweert (o.a. Dead Man Ray and Gruppo Di Pawlowski) and Milan Warmoeskerken (Mittland och Leo).

Hear The Tone Zones – No Shuffle