buffoonThe new BUFFOON record is a special one. BUFFOON is the musical life project of Belgian music lover Peter 
Vleugels, aka Pi. On CHROMOSCOPE Pi shares his raw music openly with the world, after a period of activity with 
BUFFOON as a rockband (they released the album Familiar Sounds in 2010). The new album is completely different 
from previous BUFFOON releases; it’s a compilation of the best home-recordings, spanning a period of 20 years. 
Pi lets us in to his bedroom and delivers his music without the filter of band members and producers. Everything 
is recorded and mixed at home by Pi, mostly in some sort of twisted collaboration with his compagnions Niels 
Hendrix (FENCE) and Dave Schroyen (Evil Superstars, Millionaire, Creature With The Atom Brain & Sha-La-Lees, 
to name just a few…). 
The short songs sometimes sound recalcitrant and headstrong like a wild foal named Ween, while a minute later, 
the hurt and tormented soul of crazy diamond Syd Barrett passes by… Musically, there are references to the future, 
as well as to the past. Some of the songs were even written and recorded on tape deck and dictaphone in the early 
nineties. But underneath the multiple layers of wacky effects and insane sounds, there is always a real song that 
gets stuck in your head like some alien earworm. Much like a psychedelic drug, the music takes the listener on 
a surprising, yet pleasant trip. It’s like a space voyage that cannot be interrupted once started. CHROMOSCOPE 
takes off in a whirl of synthesized beats, reaches a point where kids are playing outside. It then turns around 
abruptly, and brings the passengers back home, leaving them in a puddle of bass & drum madness. 
There really is no better way to deliver this experience then a 12” vinyl record, on which the songs are interlaced 
with each other, like shackles on a chain. There’s no official release on CD-format, but there is an audio-CD included 
with the vinyl, and of course side A and side B are available as separate tracks on iTunes as well. All this 
is a deliberate decision of the artist, to create some kind of audio-stream-of-consciousness that guarantees an 
optimal listening experience. 
Have a nice trip!

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